Family Island Pink Bag Locations (Find Pink Bag Tips)

This post gives information about pink gift bag, pink bag locations on event islands. And tips & tricks to find a pink bag in Family Island.

Family Island Pink Bag locations are Behind a Bush, Under a Rock and Within a Tree.

Looking for pink bag on family island festival event island? check out above areas to get pink bag quickly.

Family Island pink bag location

You can check the Family Island current Fluttering Feather Island pink bag location in the following image.

Fluttering Feather Island pink bag location

Fluttering Feather Island pink bag location

What is the Pink bag in the Family Island game?

Pink Bag in Family Island is one of the popular resources in all of Family Island. You will get many useful game resources from Pink Bag.

This pink bag is hidden in different locations on the Island. You need to find it to get free gems, energy, golden tools and more rewards.


Next question is,

What are Family Island Pink Bag Locations?

Pink Bags are exclusive to events. You will find it on different event islands. For example, Honey Island, Lucky Island or in upcoming event islands.


Where to find Pink Bag in Family Island, what are possible locations for Pink Bag?

Family Island Pink Bag Locations:

Family Island Pink Bags locations vary with each event island. And, most game events have at least one pink bag.

Following are some possible locations where you can find hidden Pink Bags.

  • Behind a Bush
  • Under a Rock
  • Within a Tree

Tip: From all Pink Bag locations, Under a Rock location have more chance to get hidden Pink Bag.

Once you find Pink Bag and check a related little narration, you are free to claim it.

Here, you require some exploration on the island to find Pink Bags. And, a given location list helps to find Pink Bag quickly while exploring the island.