Family Island Game: Tips and Tricks

This post includes tips and tricks for the Family Island game. You learn about resources, storage, free gifts, game tips and best practices.

If you looking for how to level up fast in family island, then given tips and tricks helps to find your answer.

Family Island Tips and Tricks:

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How to change Decoration or Building items to move?

When you move any decoration or building and want to move another decoration or building instead of the current one, then just click the other item one time.

Here, the previous item which you are moving by mistake will automatically go back to where you got it from.

How to find animals on home island?

To find animals in your home island, go to storage and click on an item you get from the animal you are looking for and click the magnifying glass option.

By doing this, you will find your animals without struggling.

How to find anything on Family Island?

There are many items in the Family Island game, which you need to find or collect in game. So, how to find them?

In game, you may notice that with each item there is a magnifying glass icon display or it displays when you tap on an item.

Now, to find any items, just tap on the near magnifying glass icon and the game will show the exact position where you find it.

But, remember that for some items like Emeralds from stone, Ash from the Shaman and more rare resources may require more effort.

Storage inventory full – How to clear and make room?

You can clear and make room for full storage inventory by crafting things and by exchanging resources.

Tip: To exchange any item quickly press and hold the yellow button until you want it to.

Note: Rare items and most event resources can’t be discarded. And, they also take no space in storage.

Smart ways to use Rubies in Family Island

Rubies are a highly valuable resource in Family Island. They can be obtained by leveling up or completing special missions, and they can be used to purchase a variety of items in the game.

As a result of their scarcity, rubies are often considered to be a valuable commodity.

A wise way to utilize rubies is to purchase missing items to upgrade things in game. Do not use rubies to skip the timers unless it is an emergency.

If you are a casual player, you may consider purchasing decorations with your rubies. This will allow you to make the most of your rubies without feeling like you are running out.

Valuable items for higher levels

Shell, clover and salt are valuable items for higher levels. So, keep all these items in storage to avoid running out these items in higher levels.

And, for clear storage consider crafting items, making foods and trading with Shaman is good practice.

Complete Merchant and Shaman orders

In Family Island, the Merchant arrives and requests a specific set of items. Completing 5, 7, or 9 orders earns you rewards, with bigger rewards for more completed orders.

You have the option to decline the merchant’s orders, but declining too many might lead to a lesser reward. Before you start fulfilling the orders, you can see what reward you’ll receive. The merchant stays for 15 hours; if you don’t finish the orders in time, the merchant departs.

On the other hand, the Shaman resides on the right part of Home Island. To access this area, you’ll need to build the bridge and fix his altar. Tapping on the altar displays the shaman’s orders.

When you give him a set of five requested items, he rewards you. Similar to the merchant, the shaman’s system works the same way. Additionally, you can exchange specific orders for rubies.

Tip for Palm Trees

Palm trees grow near the beach. But, if the beach area is covered in grass, bushes and other items, then Palm trees can’t grow.

So, keep the beach area clear to grow Palm trees.

Play every event Island

Here, no matter how you play the Family Island game, make sure to visit every event Island.

Because, you will get more free gifts from each event island.

Free gifts from trees

In the Family Island game, certain trees will reveal a free gift once you chop it down. Here, popular trees for free gifts are Pink Cherry Blossom trees.

Open game daily

This is good practice to open a game daily. By doing this, you can collect free daily rewards from Family Island Reward Calendar.

How to dance Family Island characters?

In the Family Island game, each islander shows different reactions when you tap on them. And, it might start dancing if you leave them alone too long.

How to get some extra XP in Family Island?

Constantly farm Roots and discard the roots in your inventory for quick and easy XP.

You can farm Roots in your farm square area and discard roots to get XP by long press roots count in inventory.

Leveling up refills the energy bar

In the Family Island game, make sure you have spent as much energy as you can before leveling up. Because, Leveling up refills the energy bar to the max.

And, energy will not add to an already full or overfilled energy bar. So, it is good practice to spend energy before Leveling up.

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Hope you find these Family Island tips and tricks helpful. You can visit this page frequently for new tips and tricks.