Family Island Candles (What is it and How to Get)

This post is about Family Island Candles. You will know about candles, candle foundry and ways to get candles.

What are Candles in Family Island?

Candles are scarce resource items in the Family Island game. You need them to complete level and game progress.

In the Family Island game Candles unlocked from level 10.

How to get Candles in Family Island?

Following are different ways to get candles in Family Island game.

Shaman orders rewards

Shaman orders are the first source to get candles. On completing the chain of orders, you will get candles as a rewards.


Candles can also be found in chests. Try to collect chests and increase your chance to get candles.

Island gifts

Family Island introduces different islands in the game. These islands have different gift items, and on some island you can find candles as a gift item. 

Craft candles in the foundry

Foundry available starting from level 56. You can craft candles in the foundry. Here, to craft candles, you need to use beeswax, resin and strings.

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