How to Get Free Rubies in Family Island? (Complete Guide)

In this post you will know about different ways to get Rubies in the Family Island game. More on this, you also get an overview about Rubies and its usage.

What are Rubies in Family Island?

Rubies are a resource in the Family Island game, which are used as currency in game. This is a valuable resource for easier and faster game progress.

What is the use of Rubies in Family Island?

Following are different uses of Rubies in Family Island game.

  • To buy energy in a game.
  • To buy dynamite in game.
  • Crafting item boost.
  • Pay for missing items in Workshop upgrade.
  • To fill a missing order for the merchant or shaman.
  • Buy decor items.

All in all Rubies are very valuable resource on Family Island.

How to get Rubies in Family Island game?

Following are different ways which can give you free Rubies in game.

  • Participate in events.
  • Complete tasks on your Home Island.
  • Complete tasks on your Quest Island.
  • Watch ads (exclamation mark on the icon of the ruby).
  • Rubies from the seashell (In the right part of the Island).
  • Gift packs in new locations, which are found after clear fog and finding new locations.
  • Get rubies from Family Island reward links.
  • Take part in the game’s social media page contests.
  • Play or open game daily and collect free rewards from reward calendar.
  • Send invite friend link to your friends and get rewards on friends game joining.

That’s it,

Hope you find these different ways to get Rubies in Family Island helpful.