Family Island Chest of Fortune: How to Find and Open

Are you ready for an adventure that involves puzzles, treasure maps, and hidden chests filled with rewards? If so, then Family Island’s Chest of Fortune quest might just be the thrill you’ve been seeking.

Let’s dive into the enigmatic world of the Chest of Fortune, where puzzle-solving skills and a little digging lead to exciting treasures waiting to be uncovered.

What is the Chest of Fortune?

The Chest of Fortune is a captivating quest within Family Island that combines mystery, puzzles, and exploration.

It introduces players to a thrilling hunt for a hidden treasure chest, offering enticing rewards to those who successfully navigate through the clues and challenges.

Finding the Chest of Fortune

The journey to discover the Chest of Fortune begins by collecting all the puzzle pieces and arranging them to reveal a mysterious treasure map.

Once assembled, this map provides a crucial clue leading to the location of the hidden treasure chest on the adventure island.

Chest of Fortune Location

Locating the treasure chest isn’t straightforward – it requires some digging.

Follow the map’s indications to a specific spot marked by a location pin. There, by chopping down resources around that designated area, the elusive treasure chest will emerge from its hidden placement.

How to Use: Key of Fortune, Magnifying Glass, and Lucky Shovel

To unlock the Chest of Fortune and claim its rewards, you’ll need the specialized tools provided: the Key of Fortune, Lucky Magnifying Glass, and Lucky Shovel.

Here’s how each tool comes into play:

  • Key of Fortune: This unique key is the gateway to unlocking the chest. Use it once you’ve located the hidden treasure to open the chest and reveal its contents.
  • Lucky Magnifying Glass: This tool assists in examining and revealing hidden clues that might be crucial in the quest. Keep an eye out for any hidden markings or indications on the map or in the surroundings.
  • Lucky Shovel: The shovel is your essential tool for digging up the chest. Once you’ve pinpointed the treasure’s location, use the shovel to unearth it from its hiding place.

Purpose of the Tools

These tools serve as aids in navigating the quest. The Key of Fortune grants access to the chest, the Magnifying Glass helps uncover hidden clues, and the Lucky Shovel facilitates the final step of excavating the treasure chest.

Unwrapping Your Reward

Once you’ve successfully followed the clues, located the treasure chest, and utilized the tools to unlock it, your reward awaits. Enjoy the fruits of your hard work – a well-deserved prize for your perseverance and puzzle-solving skills.


The Chest of Fortune in Family Island brings an exciting blend of mystery, exploration, and problem-solving. It challenges players to embark on an adventure filled with puzzles and rewards, promising an exhilarating experience for those ready to embark on the quest.

So, gather your puzzle pieces, decode the map, unearth the chest, and unlock the treasure – it’s time to discover what lies hidden within the Chest of Fortune.