Daily Reward Calendar Family Island Game (Things to Know)

This is a guide about the Reward Calendar in the Family Island game. You will know about required level for feature, rewards and other Reward Calendar related things.

What is the Reward Calendar in Family Island?

Family Island Reward Calendar is a feature which gives free rewards to players on a daily basis. Here, you can collect all day wise rewards by playing the game daily.

On which level is the Reward Calendar unlocked or available?

In the Family Island game Reward Calendar is unlocked on level 5. It means, for players level 5+, a Reward Calendar is available.

How to get rewards from Reward Calendar?

Reward Calendar popup can be opened automatically or you can open it manually from the game’s main menu (top right corner).

Next, you can see day wise rewards in the calendar and by tapping your current day active reward icon, you can get that reward item.

After collecting a reward, the countdown is carried out every 24 hours and the next reward available after the countdown is over.

Here, if you skip a day, then the countdown will start over from the first day (first day reward).

What are possible bonus rewards from the Reward Calendar?

In the Reward Calendar, you will get rewards day wise from day 1 to day 7. And for day 8, 15, 22 and 30 – you will get special gift boxes.

You can get Energy, Keys, Rubies (Diamonds), Gold Pickaxe, Gold Shovel, Gold Saw and more game resource items.

What does the Reward Calendar look like?

Here is the image of the Family Island Reward Calendar.

Reward Calendar Family Island
Reward Calendar Family Island