Boosters in Family Island (Complete Guide and List)

This guide is about Family Island boosters. Boosters feature reduced energy cost, give more leaderboard points, give more rubies, energy, resources and gold tools.

What are Boosters in Family Island?

Boosters or discounts are available periodically for a certain time. These boosters are automatically enabled for all players.

In the game, a booster window appears when it is available. You can start using the booster by tapping the “Great” button.

After starting using the booster, you can check the booster remaining time on the top right corner of the screen.

Family Island Boosters

  • Energy blast – Reduces energy costs for chopping down any resources.
  • Champion boost – Get extra leaderboard points while clearing out objects.
  • Ruby boost – Spend less rubies on any acceleration.
  • Adventure boost – Increases the amount of received resources on the main adventure.
  • Energy gift booster –  Get more energy points from the gift boxes in the adventure.
  • Gold chest booster – To get more gold tools, open the treasure chest while this boost is live.

That’s it,

As a good practice, never miss these limited time boosters to use in Family Island to make your progress faster.