EverMerge Magic Crystals Guide – How to Create, Get and Use?

This guide is about EverMerge Magic Crystals. You will know about Magic Crystals, how to create them, how to get them and how to use them.

Magic Crystals in EverMerge

In EverMerge, Magic Crystals can be used as a substitute for any missing item in the merge process. It can be very helpful when creating larger items with only two items.

How to use Magic Crystals?

To use Magic Crystal, just drag it to the two or four items, which you want to merge. Magic Crystal will become a substitute for a missing item and complete the merge process.

Suppose you have 2 or 4 wagons and want to create new one or two items by 3 or 5 wagons merge.

Here, you can drag a magic crystal to the 2 or 4 wagons and create new item/s.

How to get Magic Crystals in EverMerge?

Here are the different ways to get magic crystals in EverMerge game.

1. Create Magic Crystal

You can create a magic crystal by merging the smaller crystal pieces. There are four different upgrades or sizes for a magic crystal. They are, Crystal Splinter, Piece, Crystal and Magic crystal.

In game, to create 1 Magic Crystal, you need 20 Crystal Splinters and to create 2 Magic Crystal, you need 33 Crystal Splinters. So, it is good practice to create 2 Magic Crystals at a time.

Next, following are some more options to get Magic Crystals in EverMerge.

2. Magic Crystals on main island

On the main island, Magic Crystals can be found by,

  • Opening chests
  • Chopping down obstacles
  • As a reward from castles

3. Purchase from market

From the in-game market, you can purchase Crystal Splinter by 75 coins and a Magic Crystal by 195 Gems.

4. Creature events

In game, you can find magic crystal splinters in chests during creature events. But, you can not transfer these magic crystals to your main island. So, use them in creature events, or they will go away after the event ends.

That’s it,

Hope you find EverMerge Magic Crystals guide helpful.