Ranks in CSGO – CS:GO Rank System Explained

This guide is about CS:GO (Counter-Strike) ranks. Know about CS:GO rank order list, rank distribution, CS:GO rank system and tips to improve your rank faster.

CS:GO ranks in order

CS:GO ranks in order are Silver I-IV, Silver Elite, Silver Elite Master, Gold Nova I-III, Gold Nova Master, Master Guardian I-II, Master Guardian Elite, Distinguished Master Guardian, Legendary Eagle, Legendary Eagle Master, Supreme Master First Class and Global Elite.

There are a total 18 ranks in CSGO. They are,

  1. S1 – Silver I
  2. S2 – Silver II
  3. S3 – Silver III
  4. S4 – Silver IV
  5. SE – Silver Elite
  6. SEM – Silver Elite Master
  7. GN1 – Gold Nova I
  8. GN2 – Gold Nova II
  9. GN3 – Gold Nova III
  10. GNM – Gold Nova Master
  11. MG1 – Master Guardian I
  12. MG2 – Master Guardian II
  13. MGE – Master Guardian Elite
  14. DMG – Distinguished Master Guardian CSGO
  15. LE – Legendary Eagle
  16. LEM – Legendary Eagle Master
  17. SMFC – Supreme Master First Class
  18. GE – Global Elite

CSGO Ranks Distribution

Counter-Strike ranks distribution indicates how players are distributed rankwise. This rank distribution changes from time to time. Here is estimated CS:GO ranks distribution for 2023.

  • S1 – 4.21%
  • S2 – 4.27%
  • S3 – 4.36%
  • S4 – 5.30%
  • SE – 6.56%
  • SEM – 7.70%
  • GN1 – 8.68%
  • GN2 – 8.81%
  • GN3 – 8.91%
  • GNM – 8.16%
  • MG1 – 7.48%
  • MG2 – 6.46%
  • MGE – 5.26%
  • DMG – 4.13%
  • LE – 3.21%
  • LEM – 3.12%
  • SMFC – 2.60%
  • GE – 0.77%

Now, if you break down CS:GO levels or ranks to know what kind of CSGO player you are, then it look likes this,

Rank from Silver I to Silver Elite Master – newbie player, Gold Nova I  to Master Guardian Elite – normal player, Distinguished Master Guardian to  Legendary Eagle Master – average competitive player and Supreme Master First Class to Global Elite – Supreme player.

How do CSGO ranks work?

It looks simple that your MMR (Matchmaking Rating) score increases with game win and decreases with game loss.


CSGO MMR score does not only depend on your win-to-loss ratio. For your MMR score – KDA, MVPs count, Damage per round figure and number of bomb plants & diffuses are also considered with win-to-loss ratio.

In CSGO, you do not get actual raw numbers for MMR score, you only get rank or medal. And, this makes it hard to identify all ranking factors. It may be possible that CSGO’s ranking algorithm considered more factors too.

How to rank up fast in CSGO?

Well, there is no shortcut for rank up. But, by following some best practices, you can rank up in CS:GO. Best practices are,

  • Find teammates and create the best team.
  • Play with teamwork.
  • Improve your game by more practice.
  • Figure out a specialization in one role.
  • Mastering several maps.
  • Learn from professional CS:GO matches.

That’s it,

Hope you find this CS:GO (Counter-Strike) ranks guide and rank improvement tips helpful.