Support ID Family Island (What is it, Where to find and Use)

This post gives information about Family Island game Support ID. What is support ID, how you can find your support ID and what is use of it.

What is the Support ID in the Family Island game?

Support ID is the identification code of your game account in Family Island. It is very important in the game.

Your Family Island game support ID is unique and contains character and numbers. For example – ABCD12.

Where to find Support ID in the Family Island game?

You can find Support ID in three different ways in the Family Island game app.

1. Open Family Island game app and tap profile avatar from top left corner. Here, in the player profile popup, you can find your Support ID.

2. Tap on the main Menu green three line icon from the top right corner and tap Settings icon option. Here, in the Settings popup, you can find your Support ID.

3. Your Support ID also displays on the top left corner at the game loading time. At top left corner first game version display, and at last game version and your support ID display.

4. You can find Support ID above player profile avatar in small black color text (at top left corner).

In the Family Island profile popup and in settings popup, you also get a small green button near your support ID. By tapping this, you can copy your support ID.

What is the use of Family Island Support ID?

Support ID is a very important thing in a Family Island game. It can be used for following different purposes.

  • Support ID required when you contact the support team for any issues.
  • In case of reinstalling the game or you have selected the wrong saving option.
  • To take part in the game’s social media contests and get rewards on being a lucky winner.

That’s it,

Lastly, it is good practice to save your Support ID somewhere or take a screenshot of it for future use.