How to Get More Energy on Family Island? (Free Energy)

Are you looking for different ways to get more and unlimited energy in a Family Island game.

Well, unlimited energy may be not possible, but here you will know different ways which helps you to get more energy in Family Island game.

How to get energy on Family Island game?

Here are 14 different ways for getting free energy in a Family Island game. These ways do not give unlimited energy, but give a lot of energy in game.

1. Family Island free energy links

Family Island game daily shares free energy gift links on the game’s Facebook page and other social media pages. By following this page, you can get these links from the game Facebook page post.

By visiting these links, you can get free energy, rubies and more game rewards.

2. Energy point restore

In game, energy points are restored with time. Here, one energy point is restored in two minutes.

All these things happen automatically until the energy restore limit. This limit is determined by family house upgrade level.

3. By feeding the family

Feeding the family is a good way to get energy in the game.

By opening the dinner table, dragging available meals into a free slot and tapping the Eat button(Plat icon on the right), you can feed your family.

Here, when you already have too much energy, then the game shows “Everyone is full” on trying to feed the family.

Next, If you want to collect a lot of energy, feed the family first and afterwards collect the energy from the chests/merchant/shaman/gifts/energy packages.

4. Complete merchant’s and the shaman’s orders

The merchant Hapoor and the shaman Ozzy are friends of family and play a role to exchange resources with the family and provide rewards.

By completing orders of Merchant or Shaman, you will get rewards in return. These rewards may include free energy and more resources.

5. Shower and bathroom

You need to repair broken bathrooms and showers in the game. Buildings can also be upgraded and after that they will give more energy after each use.

Based on different messages, you may decide to upgrade or repair. For example, “Increase energy bonus” message for upgrade.

“Generates energy” common message can be also seen in the repair window.

6. Chests and rare items

Chests and rare items are also good options to get free energy in game. Here, Chests and rare items (marked with a gift box icon).

Family Island chests appear on Home island, on some Event islands and as an event reward or promotion pack. It gives you free energy, special items, gold tools and stars.

7. Energy generators during events

Unique energy generators are also one of ways to get energy in a Family Island game. You can get these energy generators during events.

8. Contests and raffles on Social pages

Family Island game create different contests and raffles on the game’s social media pages. Game users can take part and get a chance to win free rewards.

In this, most of time users need to give answer on post using comment.

9. Daily Reward Calendar

Family Island Reward Calendar is a feature which gives free rewards to players on a daily basis. Here, you can collect all day wise rewards by playing the game daily.

In Reward Calendar bonus rewards, you can also get free energy.

10. Energy Gift boxes

Energy Gift boxes available in Island’s different locations. It will be available when you clear things from way and reach different locations.

These Gift boxes are the best option to get energy and continue game progress. Free energy from boxes depends on its size, it can be 10, 25 or more.

11. Update game

Game update option to get free energy is not a frequently available option. But, we can consider it in the free energy list option. This option can give you 100 or more Energy in game.

12. Check game Mail box

You can check game messages in the Mail option in game. To open the Mail board, open main menu and tap mail icon.

In Mail board, you get different game related events, festivals, gifts, and social media notification messages.

If you have any free energy option in Mail, then you can get energy by tapping the GET button in a particular message.

13. Watch Ads

Watch ads and get energy options displayed in the game while you are playing the game. This watch ad option displays on the top left corner. This option gives free energy to the player when players watch a few seconds ads completely.

14. Festival event islands

Festival event islands in Family Island give opportunities to explore new islands, complete different tasks and win free energy, gold tools, rubies and leader board points.

In event islands, you can get free reward gifts by completing island tasks and making progress in event progress scale.

15. Time Fountain

Time Fountain in Family Island is a free resource to get up to 120 free energy in Family Island.This fountain resource unlocks at level 14.

This fountain gives free 5 or 40 energy with an interval of 8 hours. Energy amount depends on fountain level.

16. Invite a friend energy rewards

Invite friends option available when you reach level 4. This invite friends icon option found in game settings or in the store (Energy tab).

You will get your rewards, once your friend joins the game using your invite link and complete tutorial and reach level 4.

17. Energy Decorations

Energy Decorations are also a source of free energy. It generates free energy with some interval. It can generate a limited amount of energy and turn into normal decorations after that. You can get them from festival islands.

18. Family Album – Card Collections

Seasonal Album and cards collections are part of Family Album feature in Family Island. In game, by completing card sets and albums, you can get 500 energy to 25,000 energy.

The amount of energy rewarded for each card collection depends on the rarity of the cards. More rare cards yield more energy rewards.

Family Album is a bit time taken option but it gives more free energy rewards, compared to other options.

19. Daily Tasks

Daily Tasks feature is a collection of island routine task cards, which you are doing on the island. Here, by completing task cards, you can fill a progress bar and earn milestone and grand prize rewards.

You can earn free energy rewards by performing daily tasks and completing progress milestones. The grand prize, which is the culmination of all these efforts, gives energy, rubies, golden tools, and other rewards.

That’s it,

Hope you find these different ways of getting free energy in the Family Island game helpful.