Family Island Decorations Guide (Energy Decorations, How to Get, Uses)

Family Island decorations guide include topics – How to take decorations to home island, energy decorations, what are decorations, use of decorations and more things about decorations.

What are Family Island decorations and what do they do?

Decorations in Family Islands are decoration items. Some decorations give free Energy, Eggs, Seashell or Feathers.

These Decorations can be collected from festival islands, it can be free or you need to buy them using Rubies. In game, you can collect Decorations with their max get limit.

What do decorations do in Family Island?

Basically decorations are used to decorate your Home Island. There are some decorations which give free energy and other items with some limits, after that they are just normal decorations.

How to get Decorations in Family Island?

You can get decorations from festival islands. Some decorations can get as quests reward, and for some decorations you need to spend rubies.

How do I collect decorations on event islands?

To collect decorations and energy generating items on festival islands,

  1. Clear your path to the decoration item.
  2. Tap the shopping card icon above the item.
  3. Go back to Home Island.
  4. New decoration window opens.
  5. Tap “SET UP” button to place item on island.
  6. Tap “Keep in storage” to set up later.

With the “Keep in storage” option, you can set up your decoration later from the storage (bottom right corner – shopping cart icon).

Family Island energy decorations

Energy generator decorations, Totem decorations, Fountain decorations and Trees decorations can be energy decorations.

For example, Amphora of Plenty Energy Generator, Home Theater Energy Generator, Totem of Happiness and Watcher Totem decorations give energy.

There are many decorations in Family Island which give energy, and above are some examples.

What to do when an energy decoration item stops giving energy?

Unfortunately, energy decoration items have a limited amount of energy. You can check your decoration remaining charge, when it is working. And, once you run out of charge, your energy decoration turns into a normal decoration.

After energy items turn into decorations, you can use them for island decoration or hide them in a warehouse(tap and hold item and tap appeared cart icon).

That’s it,

Hope you find this Family Island decorations guide helpful.