Family Island Events – Get Free Energy, Gold tools, Rubies, Points

Family Island events are an opportunity to win free game resources and explore new islands with story. This post is all about Family Island festivals or events.

What are Family Island events?

Events or Festivals in Family Island are a limited time feature, which gives opportunities to explore new islands, complete personal missions and win reward prizes.

There are two types of events – regular events and seasonal events.

Regular events: These events come regularly and are available for three days. For example, Forgotten Island.

Seasonal events: These events come once or twice a year and are available for a week. For example, Halloween or New Year.

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Event missions and reward gifts

All event islands have their own personal missions or tasks. You can see island tasks progress and collect completed task rewards by opening a current event popup.

To open the current event island task progress popup, tap on the icon of the current festival island in the upper right corner of the screen.

Event island progress scale

You can see the progress scale at the bottom area in the event popup. This scale is filled with tickets that you receive by completing tasks. You get a gift on reaching milestones in points, here, the last milestone gift is very big.

Event reward gifts

In event island, you can get free reward gifts by completing personal tasks of the event and filling up the scale. And, gifts contain..

  • Energy
  • Gold tools
  • Rubies
  • Leaderboard points
  • Other resources

Things to know

  • Uncollected resources will not be available after event time is over.
  • Uncollected produced resources on event islands went along with the island after the event finished.
  • Always collect gifts for personal tasks and point gifts as soon as they become available.

Tip: Event island is a great way to get free game resources. So, never miss any event island and always collect event gifts as soon as they become available.