Crazy Fox 100 Spin Gifts – Send and Receive 100 Spins Daily

Crazy Fox free gifts feature have options to send & receive spins and coins. Here, you will know about Crazy Fox Gifts feature – How you can get Crazy Fox 100 spin gifts and things to know about spin gifts.

Crazy Fox spin gifts

Using Crazy Fox spin gifts feature, you can send and receive daily one spin to each of your friends. And, your friends can do the same for you.

As long as your Spin bar is empty, you can receive a maximum of 100 spins per day from your friends.

Also, spins that you send to your friends were not deducted from your account spins.

How to collect and send Spin gifts in Crazy Fox?

  1. Click on Main Menu.
  2. Click on Gifts.
  3. Click on “Collect All + Send” to collect and send spins to friends.

No spins to collect

Here, you can not collect spins, if there are no spins to collect in the free gifts Spins tab.

But, you can send spins to friends by clicking the “Collect All + Send” button or by clicking “Send” button next to friends names.

No friends in game

To use the free gifts feature, you need friends in your game. Here, use Invite Friends feature, to get friends in game.

Crazy Fox daily spins gift limit

In Crazy Fox you can send and receive 100 spins each day. You can see this spin gifts limit in the “Free Gifts” screen popup. Collected spins and gift limit numbers display above the “Collect All + Send” button.

Note: “Collect All + Send” button shows spins are full message, when you try to collect spin gifts with a full spin bar.

Things to know about Crazy Fox spin gifts

  • You can collect spins only if your friends send spins to you and your spin bar is empty.
  • You can send one Spin to each friend with a interval of 48 hours.
  • Spins sent as a gift are not deducted from your spin balance.
  • Crazy Fox spin gifts and Crazy Fox daily free spin links are different features.

That’s it,

Hope you find this way to collect free spins helpful in the Crazy Fox game.