How to Trade Cards in Crazy Fox BIG WIN? (Exchange Cards Guide)

There are two methods to exchange or trade cards in Crazy Fox. They are Card Collection and Ask Card in Club. Here, you will know about these two methods and Golden Card trade.

How to exchange or trade cards in Crazy Fox?

Card trade or exchange means, send a card to another player or ask for a card and get a card from the game player.

In Crazy Fox, you can exchange or trade cards by two methods – Card Collection and Ask Card in Club.

Card Collection

Card Collection is a set of 12 cards and available in Card Album.

In Card Collection, you can ask for a missing card by clicking missing card and send card by clicking existing extra card.

Here, you can send a card to your friend only if you have more than one of the same cards. And, you have friends in the game.

Ask Card in Club

Crazy Fox ask card in club feature allows to request a missing card or send a duplicate card in the club. To ask for a card in the club – click the “Ask card” button and select a card to request.

Next, Club members can send cards to you by clicking your card request in Club. Here, you can also send your duplicate card to your club member by clicking his/her card request.

Golden cards exchange or trade

You can not exchange or trade Crazy Fox Golden cards like normal cards.

So, how to exchange Crazy fox Golden cards?

The Crazy Fox Golden Cards Exchange event allows mentioned golden cards trade with your friends. Golden cards trade is for a limited time and for specific cards. And, you can trade those specific golden cards at that time.

Here, if you have different golden cards than Golden cards trade allow cards, then you need to wait for the next event with your cards trade.

That’s it,

Hope you find this Crazy Fox card trade or exchange guide helpful.