Crazy Fox Chests – Free Spins, Cards, Xps and Joker Card

Crazy Fox chests guide – know about chests, type of chests, how to get chests and collect free rewards(spins, cards, Xps, Joker Card) from chests.

What are Chests in Crazy Fox?

Chests are a treasure box in Crazy Fox, which contains spins, cards, xps and more rewards. There are different types of chests in Crazy Fox, which are unlocked at different levels. In game, better chests contain more better rewards.

How to get Chests in Crazy Fox?

You can get free chests in Crazy Fox in many ways. Here are some ways listed below to get chests.

1. Promotional packs

In the game screen on the left side, you find many promotional packs. These packs offer free and paid packs for game resources. You can check these packs to find and collect free packs with chests rewards.

2. Complete world level

You get a reward chest for each world level completion. This chest contains free spins and coins. Here, you will not get cards in this chest.

3. Reward calendar

Reward calendar day 7, day 15, day 22 and day 30 can have free chest rewards. To get these chests rewards, you need to open the game regularly.

4. Stars exchanged for chests

Using stars exchanged for chests, you can get a free chest for your extra duplicate card’s stars. You can use this feature with a 24hr interval. Star exchange option available in the card album main menu.

5. Events and Tournaments

Events and Tournaments are a great way to get more chests. You get a chance to win reward prizes by completing event tasks, taking part in tournaments and playing event mini games.

6. Game shop

Game shop is also an option to get chests in Crazy Fox. Here, you can buy chests using game coins or real money. For some chests, this is not a free option and suggested to avoid, if possible.

Crazy Fox Chest types

There are many types of chests in Crazy Fox. Following are regular and known chests in game.

  • Basic chest
  • Exquisite chest
  • Precious chest
  • Wild chest

To check more available chests in Crazy Fox, check calendar rewards, promotional packs reward and different event rewards. You can tap on each reward chest to check its rewards.

Here, by tapping chest, you can also check Joker Card(Wild Card) probability in chest rewards.

Chest rewards in Crazy Fox

Different chests contain different rewards. Here is a list of most possible rewards in Crazy Fox chests.

There are some events (Cards Boom and Crazy Card) that give 50% more cards from chests. So, use such events smartly to get more chest rewards.

That’s it,

Hope you find this Crazy Fox chests guide to collect more Crazy Fox free spins, cards and more rewards.

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