Board Kings Idolz (Complete Guide)

This is a guide about Board Kings Idolz, also known as Idols. Guide includes FAQs about Idolz and tips to get Board Kings free rolls & coins from Idolz set.

Board Kings Idolz

Idols in Board Kings represent players on the game board. Initially as a beginner, you can choose your Idol from 5 common Idolz of the MAIN ROAD set.

Idolz sets in Board Kings

Idolz sets are collections of 10 Idols. 5 common idols, 3 rare idols and 2 legendary idols. There 65+ Idolz sets in Board Kings.

New Idolz set is unlocked after an interval of 5 levels. For example, Swaga unlock at level 8, Boot Camp unlock at level 13 and so on.

Idolz sets contain different theme based Idolz and also give rolls and coins as gifts on completing sets.

How to get Board Kings free rolls and coins from Idolz sets?

Each Idolz set in Board Kings has 10 Idolz and each Idol has 4 version types. From each Idolz set, you can get Board Kings free rolls and coins four time when you collect all version type idolz in following way,

  1. Regular – Collect 1 of each Idol.
  2. Silver – Collect 4 of each Idol.
  3. Gold – Collect 7 of each Idol.
  4. Rainbow – Collect 10 of each Idol.

The more top version Idolz you collect, the more rolls and coins you get in reward prize.

How to get Idolz in Board Kings?

Vending Machine is the only way to get Idolz(except Trophy Idolz) in Board Kings, while special events are the only way to get Trophy Idolz.

  • You can get Idolz from Vending Machine, when you stop on Vending Machine pink tile.
  • To get Idolz boxes from Vending Machine, you need diamonds. Daily, you may collect 2 Idols free and after that you need diamonds.
  • Nex boxes available in the Vending Machine with 24 hour intervals.
  • You can get Idolz set boxes based on your level.

How to change Idol in Board Kings?

You can change Idol in Board Kings with the following steps: Tap Menu → MY IDOLZ → Change Idol.

To change your Board Kings Idol – Tap game Menu from top left corner. Next tap on the “MY IDOLZ” option and choose a new idol from unlocked Idolz.

That’s it,

Hope you find this Board Kings Idolz guide helpful to get more rolls and coins in game.

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