Dice Dreams Stickers (Complete Guide)

Dice Dreams stickers guide includes information about sticker packs, sticker trading, golden stickers and sticker set rewards.

What are stickers in Dice Dreams?

Stickers are collectible items to complete the stickers set and win free rolls and rewards. In game, to get free dice rewards, you need to collect sticker packs and complete sticker sets.

Dice Dreams stickers sets

Sticker set is a collection of theme based stickers. Each set has a gift reward, which you can collect by collecting all set stickers. The more rare sticker set, the more dice rewards it contains.

There are many sticker sets in Dice Dreams. Each set is a collection of 9 unique stickers. This is a great way to win more dice in Dice Dreams.

How to get Dice Dreams free stickers?

You can get stickers in Dice Dreams from sticker packs and sticker trading.

Sticker packs

In game, Sticker packs contains stickers and comes in three different packs.

  • Common pack – 2 Stickers
  • Golden pack – 4 Stickers
  • Dream pack – 8 Stickers
  • Guaranteed Set Sticker Pack – 4 Stickers

Sticker packs can be won from events, found during Treasure Hunt and purchase with coins.

Dice Dreams sticker trading

Sticker trading allows you to send and receive stickers with friends. You can trade common stickers at any time, with a 10 sticker per day limit.

There is a Dice Dreams sticker trading group on Facebook. This group is for trading stickers and finding new friends in the Dice Dreams game.

Golden Trade – Golden stickers in Dice Dreams can only trade during the Golden Trade event. You can trade golden stickers which are shown in the Golden Trade popup. Stickers to trade may be changed in each event.

That’s it,

The Dice Dreams sticker set is a great way to get free rolls. And, the above guide helps you to know all about stickers and sticker set features. Next, also check Dice Dreams free rolls and coins page to know more free reward ways.