Dice Dreams Build Kingdom (Complete Guide)

Kingdoms are levels in Dice Dreams. By building Kingdom, you can complete levels and get free rolls, coins and rewards. Here, you know about Dice Dreams build kingdom feature.

How to build a Kingdom in Dice Dreams?

To build a kingdom in Dice Dreams, you need to follow given steps.

1. Tap the hammer icon

Hammer icon located in the bottom right corner of the game screen. Tap the hammer icon to open the Kingdom screen.

2. Build or upgrade buildings

To build a complete kingdom, you need to build 6 building structures. And, each building has 5 upgrade levels. So, there are 30 building levels to complete one kingdom level.

Kingdom buildings build or upgrade using coins, to start upgrading a building – tap on the building coin button.

Building first level

A peon will come out from the building and offer you a small gift, when you complete building first level. And, Crown added to your inventory.

Building fifth level

Building fifth level completion gives additional rewards. These rewards can be either rolls or coins.

3. Finish all buildings

In Dice Dreams, to build the whole kingdom, you need to finish all 6 buildings. After that, you can move to your next level kingdom.

How Many Kingdom Levels in Dice Dreams?

In Dice Dreams, the number of kingdom levels varies as new ones are regularly introduced by the developers, Superplay.

Due to the evolving nature of the game and ongoing updates, there isn’t a fixed number of kingdom levels.

Players can expect numerous levels, each offering increasing challenges and excitement, ensuring a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience.

That’s it,

Hope you find the build kingdom guide helpful to complete levels and get free rolls & coins. Next, check Dice Dreams free rolls coins post to about more ways to get rolls and coins.