Travel Town Free Energy Links June 2024

This post contains Travel Town free energy links and a list of ways to collect more energy in the game. Post also explains energy collection from links and non-functional links causes.

Energy is required to produce and merge items to build your town in Travel Town – Merge Adventure. Here, you will find Travel Town free energy links and learn about additional ways to obtain Travel Town free energy.

June 22, 2024:

2. 6 Energy Gift
1. 10 Energy Gift

June 21, 2024:

2. 6 Energy Gift
1. 10 Energy Gift

June 20, 2024:

2. 6 Energy Gift
1. 10 Energy Gift

June 19, 2024:

2. 6 Energy Gift
1. 10 Energy Gift

June 18, 2024:

2. 6 Energy Gift
1. 10 Energy Gift

June 17, 2024:

2. 6 Energy Gift
1. 10 Energy Gift

June 16, 2024:

2. 6 Energy Gift
1. 10 Energy Gift

How to claim energy from Travel Town energy links?

  • Click the energy link to see link detail.
  • Check the link URL and click the “Open link in new tab” button.
  • Energy link redirects you to the game reward page.
  • Game reward page open game app.
  • And, display collect reward popup in game to claim energy.

Note: This page merely provides a list of gift links and does not have any control over the game reward page.

Why are energy links not working?

The following are possible reasons for why an energy link may not be working for you:

  1. The listed links are common and available in many places. If you have already used a link from another source and click the same link here, it will not work for you. Additionally, the link may not work due to some other temporary issue.
  2. Links may expire after a certain number of days (approx. 2 days). We periodically remove expired links from our list, but it is possible that some expired links may still exist in the list. If you click on an expired link, it will not work and you will receive an expired link message.

Where to find new Travel Town energy links?

Links to Travel Town energy that are shared by the game developers on the game’s social media channels. You can follow these channel pages to receive the latest links sooner.

Follow these social media pages for Travel Town – Merge Adventure to receive the latest updates and free game rewards.

How to Get Travel Town Unlimited Energy?

In Travel Town, there are no ways to cheat to get unlimited energy. However, there are several ways to get more energy in the game, including daily free energy links, energy refills, daily challenges, events, exchanging diamonds, watching ad videos, leveling up, buy energy packs and winning Facebook page contests.

How to Get Free Energy in Travel Town?

In the Travel Town game, you can collect energy through Daily Energy Links, Daily Challenges, and events. Exchange diamonds for energy, watch ad videos or level-up, to earn more Energy. Stay updated on giveaways through the game’s Facebook page and contests. Your energy will also auto-refill over time until it reaches maximum capacity.

To obtain free energy in Travel Town – Merge Adventure game, explore the following methods:

  1. Daily Energy Links
  2. Energy Refill
  3. Daily Challenges
  4. Play Events
  5. Exchange Diamonds
  6. Watch Ad Video
  7. Level up Reward
  8. Initial Free Energy
  9. Facebook Page Contest

Travel Town free energy gift links are daily energy reward links distributed by the game developers. These energy links are shared on the game’s social media channels. Users can visit these links to claim free energy rewards in the game.

2. Energy refill

As a part of the Travel Town energy refill feature, you will receive 1 free energy every 1 minute and 30 seconds. The energy refill feature will continue to work until your energy bar is full (100 energy).

3. Daily challenges

Daily challenges in Travel Town have a variety of tasks that can be completed in order to collect prizes. In order to collect the grand prize, all tasks must be completed within the time limit.

4. Play events

Events come with different board themes, new orders and valuable rewards. In the event, you need to complete different tasks, which give you free energy and more rewards. 

5. Exchange diamonds

In Travel Town game stores, you can exchange diamonds for energy. Diamonds are also a valuable item in game, so you need to use this free energy option wisely.

6. Watch ad video

Travel Town offers an option to watch advertisements to get free 25 energy. This is a bit annoying but one of the free ways, when you run out of energy. Note, there is a daily watch ad limit to watch ads for energy.

7. Level up reward

Level up rewards available on completing current level and unlock a new level. You get energy as a reward on a new level unlock.

8. Initial free energy

Travel Town gives you 100 free energy when you first start playing a game. After that, when you run out of energy, you get 100 energies for two times. So, as a beginner, you get 300 free energy in a slot of 100.

9. Facebook page contest

The Travel Town game organizes daily contests on the game’s Facebook page. And, some selected winners get free energy and other rewards. This way has rare chase to energy, but you stay informed with game news.

At Last,

This Travel Town free energy ways list is not complete yet, because in future there will be more ways coming out and we will try to update the above list with those ways.

All links are 100% free and gathered from Travel Town official social pages. Travel Town game post links on their official social media platforms like Facebook , Twitter, Instagram daily. We just collect them and update them here for game fans and users.

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