How to Sell Items in Travel Town? (Complete Guide)

Sell Items in Travel Town helps to make space on board and earn coins. Here, you will know – how to sell items and how to undo item sales.

How to sell items in Travel Town?

To sell your board item,

  1. Tap on item.
  2. Tap the sell button on the screen bottom right.

Items sell grant coins based on item level. In game, you can not sell first level items. You can discard the first level item by tapping the item and the appeared trash button (if you want).

How to undo sell item action?

Item sell button will turn into an “undo” button, when selling Travel Town board item. By tapping this undo button, you can return the item to your board. This action cost Coins, as much you received for selling it.

Note: After completing the sell or discard process – if you continue playing, “undo” button option will not be available anymore.

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