Travel Town Producers Guide

When playing Travel Town, understanding the producers and their levels is key to optimizing your game strategy. In this guide, we’ll explore the producers, their levels, and highlight auto producers to help you manage resources effectively and progress smoothly.

What are Producers in Travel Town?

In Travel Town, tapping on producers creates items. Each tap costs one energy, and some producers need multiple taps per item.

Producers are earned by fully merging specific items or buying and upgrading town buildings. Effectively using producers is key to managing resources and advancing in the game.

List of Producers

Below is a comprehensive list of producers in Travel Town, including the level at which they become available. Auto producers are labeled (Auto producers), and items are labeled in (Non-producer).

1Beach Bucket
4Picnic Basket
11Jewelry Display (Auto producer)
11Mark’s House (Non-producer)
15Herb Hamper
18Kitchen Robot
20Museum Audio Guide
21Playground (Non-producer)
22Arabian Gazebo
23Mystery Ruins (Non-producer)
24Ice Cream Cabinet (Auto producer)
27Pottery Wheel
28Surf Shop (Super Van)
29Julia’s House (Non-producer)
30Beach Bar Menu
31Mysterious Ruins (Non-producer)
34Lighthouse (Auto producers)
36Boat Hut (Fishing Net)
37Hugo’s House (Non-producer)
40Mysterious Ruins (Non-producer)
41Coffee Machine
42Stationery Display
44Cash Register
45Bus Stop (Non-producer)
47Sewing Studio
48Mystery Ruins (Non-producer)
49Honey Shop
51Veggie Shop
53Plant Nursery
53Pond (Non-producer)
55Vineyard (Auto producer)
56Mystery Ruins (Non-producer)
57Pet Store
62Ferris Wheel (Non-producer)
64Mystery House (Non-producer)
65Haunted House
69Beauty Shop
71Candy Shop
72Garden Fountain (Non-producer)
75Music Shop (Auto producer)
77Art Shop
79Wicker Stall
83Wooden Toy Stall
85New Age Stall (Auto producer)
86Repairman House (Non-producer)
87Board Game Shop
89Spice Stall
91Farm Field
95Farm Barn (Auto producer)
96Farm House (Non-producer)
97Olive Orchard
99Farm Orchard
101Fish & Meat Stall
103Rug Stall
105Fire Station (Auto producer)
106Town Square (Non-producer)
108Police Station
109Post Office
112Camping Sight
115Spa (Auto producer)
116Town Hall (Non-producer)
121Dance Club
123Tattoo Shop
125Aquarium (Auto producer)
126Diver Monument (Non-producer)
127Recycling Center
131Botanical Garden
133Veterinarian Clinic

Note: The Travel Town producers list is a crowdsourced list of potential producers that can be found in the game.


Understanding the levels at which producers become available and recognizing auto producers can significantly enhance your strategy in Travel Town.

This guide provides a comprehensive list to help you manage your resources efficiently and progress through the game effectively. Keep this list handy as you advance in Travel Town, and enjoy a smoother gaming experience.

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