Travel Town Splitter Guide (How to Get and Use)

This guide is about the Travel Town Splitter feature. What is Splitter, How to get and how to use Splitter in game.

What is Splitter in Travel Town?

Splitter is a colorful scissor in Travel Town. This Splitter allows you to divide an item into two from the previous level. It’s like, make the merge item revert back to the previous level.

Splitter – Cut an item into two of the previous level.

In game, you can undo Splitter action by clicking on the “undo” button, in case you accidentally split an item.

How to get Splitter in Travel Town?

You can get Splitter in Travel Town by,

  • Game activities like events 
  • Daily task missions
  • Level upgrades

There are more hidden ways also, so keep playing to increase your chances to Splitter.

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