How to Trade Cards in Travel Town?

This guide is about how to trade cards in Travel Town. You’ll learn how to send cards to friends, receive cards, and official Travel Town Trading Group on Facebook.

To trade cards in Travel Town, you must first connect your game to Facebook. Then, you can send duplicate cards to friends by tapping on the card and selecting your friend.

Sending Cards in Travel Town

  1. Connect to Facebook: Make sure your game is linked to Facebook (Settings → Save Your Progress → Facebook) to trade with friends.
  2. Find Duplicate Cards: Look for cards with a small number and “+” symbol – those are duplicates
  3. Send the Card: Tap the duplicate card and select your friend to send it their way.

Receiving Cards in Travel Town

  1. Check Your Inbox: A red dot on your card inbox icon means you have received a card from a friend.
  2. Open Your Inbox: Tap the inbox icon to collect the received cards and add them to your collection.

Travel Town Trading Group

Want to trade with more players? Join the official Travel Town Trading Group on Facebook.

Trading Group benefits:

  • You can make a request for missing cards.
  • Help others by trading your extra cards.
  • Connect with fellow Travel Town players.
  • Completing sets and trading actively can lead to exciting rewards.

Bonus Tip: There’s a daily limit on how many cards you can send, so be strategic with your trades.

Now get out there, start trading, and complete those sets to unlock amazing rewards in Travel Town.

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