Travel Town Free Diamonds – How to Get Diamonds in Travel Town?

This Travel Town free diamonds guide is about different ways to get diamonds or gems. Given ways help you to earn free diamonds without any hack or cheats.

In Travel Town – Merge Adventure game, diamonds are used to purchase energy or items. It is also used for item producers to speed up or cool down them.

Diamonds are precious in game, so you can frequently run out of diamonds in game. In this case, following ways to get diamonds in Travel Town are useful for you. These ways may not give unlimited diamonds, but it gives enough diamonds to play game.

How to get Travel Town free diamonds?

You can get free diamonds in Travel Town by two ways. First is to unlock sticker gift boxes in collections and second take part in game’s Social media contests.

1. Unlock sticker in collections

When you merge 2 same items the first time and create a new item on board, a Sticker of that new item is unlocked and available in your Collections as a gift box.

Now, from your Collections, tap on the gift box to unlock the sticker and get 1 free diamond.

2. Social media contests

For game users Travel Town game hosts contests on their Social media Facebook page. Here, few lucky winners get free diamonds, energy or more rewards.

This option has little chance to get free diamonds, but you can participate in contests and get a chance to win free diamonds. And, there is no cost to doing this.

At last,

There is one more option – Travel Town diamond packs in the game’s Shop feature. But, it is a paid option and costs you real money, so, the Shop option is not included in the above list.

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Diamonds are a precious resource in the Travel Town game. And, there are limited free ways to get them in game. So, it is suggested to use them wisely.

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