Joker in Travel Town – What Is It and How to Get

This guide is about a Joker item in Travel Town. You will know about the Travel Town Joker item and ways to get it in game.

Travel Town Joker item

The Joker item is a special “wild” item in Travel Town. You can merge the Joker item with another board item to create the next level of that item.

Using the Joker item, you can complete your order fast, unlock new items and more.

Note: In Travel Town, the Joker item cannot be merged with ALL items on the board. For example, some unique items which were released during special events.

How to get Joker in Travel Town?

There are limited ways to get Joker item in Travel Town, which are,

  • Event chest – get Joker item as a part of an event chest.
  • Complete order – get Joker as a challenging order completion reward.
  • Promotion – get from a promotion.

There is another way also, which is an in-game store. Here, you may be able to get Joker for diamond exchange.

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