How to Play Match Masters – Match Competition Rules

Beginners guide to play Match Masters game. You will know the Match Masters competition rules list. As a beginner, these rules knowledge is helpful to improve your game.

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Match Masters match competition rules

  • 5 Rounds – There are 5 rounds in each game.
  • Moves – You get 2 moves in each round.
  • 30 Seconds – In each round, players get 30 seconds to make two moves.
  • Extra moves – You can get extra moves by creating special pieces.
  • How to win – To win a Match Masters competition, you need to make a high score.
  • Booster rule – Match winners keep their booster, win game stars and trophies, while losers lose their booster and trophies.

There are also more things to know, which you can learn and know by playing Match Masters more.

At Last,

Here are some Match Masters tips and tricks to know more about game play.