Monopoly Go Tournaments – Winning Tips and Guide

This guide is about Monopoly Go Tournaments, which includes helpful answers and winning tips about Tournaments.

Things covered in this guide – What are Tournaments in Monopoly Go, Rules, How to win rewards, Collect rewards and best practices to win Tournaments.

Tournaments in Monopoly Go

In the Monopoly Go game, Tournaments are limited time events. By playing tournaments, you can compete against other players, to get a chance to earn prizes and collect special currency.

How to play rules for Tournaments

There are different ways to earn currency in each event. You can check event rules, prizes and your score by tapping the event icon on the right side of the screen.

How to win rewards in Tournaments?

There are milestones in Monopoly go Tournaments, you get rewards by clearing those milestones. Rewards available for each milestone.

At the end of the tournament, you will get rewards based on your leaderboard position. During the tournament, you can check your score by tapping the Tournament icon.

Collect rewards in Tournaments

Rewards depend upon leaderboard position, which you can get and increase by performing different milestone actions. Possible rewards in Tournaments are – Free dice rolls, game currency, sticker packs and more.

The higher rank in the leaderboard, the bigger rewards are there. To collect rewards on tournament end, close the app and reopen it.

Monopoly Go Tournament tips

Here are some tips, tricks and best practices for Monopoly Go Tournaments. This list is helpful for you, if you are curious about that – how to win Monopoly Go Tournaments.

  • Collect more dice rolls to play Tournament with enough rolls.
  • Use a higher multiplier whenever it looks beneficial.
  • To collect rewards on tournament end, close the app and reopen it.
  • Join late – there are different views for join tournament, we suggest join late to increase winning chance.
  • Bank Heists are effective for 2 day tournaments.
  • Add some friends in game, to get advantage of Shutdown.

Given things are some good practices for tournament play. It helps to win tournaments or secure a good position (in top ten) in the leaderboard to get free rewards.

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