Monopoly Go Tokens (Complete Guide)

This guide is about Monopoly Go Tokens. Guide includes, Tokens overview, Ways to get Tokens in Monopoly Go, available tokens and things to know about Tokens.

Monopoly Go Tokens

A Token in Monopoly Go is a board piece used to move around the board. Players can unlock new tokens throughout the game, which can then be used on their board. Collecting and completing sets of tokens can also earn players rewards.

How to get Tokens in Monopoly Go?

You can get more Tokens in Monopoly Go by:

1. Completing sticker sets and albums

Tokens can be earned as rewards for completing sticker sets and whole albums. It is a good idea to check all the rewards for sticker sets and whole albums before deciding which ones to prioritize.

You can find more information about sticker sets and albums in the post Monopoly Go Sticker Cards and Album Guide on this site.

2. Collecting daily treats

Daily Treats gives daily free rewards on each consecutive day that you log in. Here, you can get a free Token for Login 7 days straight milestone reward.

You can open daily treats from the main menu “Daily Treats” option.

3. Inviting friends

The Invite friends feature allows you to send Invite Friends Link and get rewards when they join the game (Joined friends should be first time game users).

Here, a grand reward in the Invite friends reward bar can give you Token, Rolls, Tokens and more rewards.

4. Playing events

Tokens may be obtained as rewards in certain special events in Monopoly Go. To receive a token as a reward, play such an event and attempt to win the top prize.

5. Increasing Net worth

Increasing your net worth in Monopoly Go is essential for becoming more powerful in the game and obtaining net worth upgrades. Here, you have the chance to receive token rewards in net worth milestone rewards.

How to change your token on Monopoly Go?

You can change the Monopoly Go board Token from the “Tokens” screen. Here, you can check all your tokens and select a token to use on board.

To change your token in Monopoly Go, please follow these steps:

  1. Tap the three-line menu button.
  2. Tap the Tokens option.
  3. Tap the token you wish to select.
  4. Tap “Equip“.

Your token will now be changed on board.

How many tokens are in Monopoly Go?

There can be 20+ Tokens in Monopoly Go. And, you may find new Monopoly Go Tokens periodically. For example, American Eagle, Sandy Snowman, Captain’s Hat and Baking Partner are some new Tokens in the game.

And, to update with Tokens updates and other game related updates, you can follow the Monopoly Go Facebook page.

Token slots

In Monopoly Go, you start with four token slots and one token. As you play, you can unlock more tokens and fill up the slots. Once you fill up a slot, you unlock a new slot with four more tokens. This process continues until you have collected and filled up all the available slots.

That’s it,

Here is all there is to know about the Monopoly Go Tokens feature. Hope you have found answers to all your questions about how to get Monopoly Go Tokens and more about tokens.

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