Monopoly Go Wild Sticker: How to Get, How to Use

The Monopoly Go Wild Sticker can become any other sticker. This special sticker is very useful for getting the stickers you don’t have and finishing your sticker set or album.

In this article, we will discuss the Wild Sticker. We will answer questions like what it is, how to get one, how to use it, and more.

What is Wild Sticker in Monopoly Go?

Wild Sticker is an extremely high-value reward. This sticker has a crystal with a question mark on it. The crystal can be changed into any other sticker.

Wild Sticker is like a wild card. You can use it to get any sticker you need to finish your sticker album in the game.

How to Get Wild Sticker in Monopoly Go?

You can earn more Wild Stickers in Monopoly Go during special events or in a final reward from the Golden Vault.

1. Golden Vault

The Pink Vault is now the Golden Vault, Costs 1000 stars and opens every 24 hours. This Vault offering rewards like:

  • 400-550 dice rolls
  • Blue Sticker Pack (1 guaranteed 4-star sticker)
  • Purple Sticker Pack (1 guaranteed 5-star sticker)
  • Wild Sticker card.

2. Special Events

You can win Wild stickers as a reward by taking part in game special events.

If you play events, you can win rewards like money, dice rolls, and Wild Stickers. The rewards are valuable, but you need to work hard to get them.

To increase your chance to get a Wild Sticker, you need to play events, complete milestones, and do your best.

First free Wild Sticker

In the Wild Stickers update first rolled out, when you start the game, you will see a short video and tutorial about the stickers. After that, you will get one sticker for free.

How to Use Wild Sticker in Monopoly Go?

To use a Wild Sticker in Monopoly Go:

  1. First receiving a Wild Sticker.
  2. Check the list of missing Stickers in the current album.
  3. Choose one missing Sticker from the list.
  4. You’ll then receive a copy of the selected Sticker.


Can Wild Sticker turned into Gold Sticker or any other stickers? – Yes

While using Wild Sticker, is it possible to reverse my selection after the sticker choice confirmation? – No

Can I use Wild Sticker at a later time? – No (Use a Wild Sticker as soon as earned)

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