How to Get Stickers on Monopoly Go? (12 Ways Explained)

This guide provides information on how to obtain stickers in Monopoly Go. It lists 12 methods for obtaining stickers, as well as an answer to the question of how to obtain gold stickers in Monopoly Go.

Monopoly Go offers various ways to collect stickers, such as daily treats, shop free gifts, promotional packs, tournaments, milestone events, quick wins, community chests, color sets, sticker trades, rewards, special events, and purchases.

How to get stickers on Monopoly Go

There are many ways to get stickers, here is list of ways for getting stickers on Monopoly Go:

1. Daily Treats

Log in to Monopoly Go every day to claim your daily treats, which sometimes include sticker card packs as rewards.

2. Free gift in shop

There are free gifts in the shop that refresh every 8 hours. To get them, check the shop feature in the game. Sometimes, you’ll even get a free sticker pack.

3. Promotional packs

When you open the game, you’ll see different promotional offer packs. Some of these packs have free stuff you can claim. You can get dice, sticker packs, and more stuff for free.

4. Participate in tournaments

Tournament milestone rewards are sweet! You can get free sticker card packs and more by participating in tournaments and finishing with higher ranks.

5. Milestone events

Milestone events are also a great way to get free rewards, like stickers. These events are always going on, and you can participate by landing on certain tiles on the board.

6. Finish Quick Wins

Quick Wins are daily challenges in the game that give you a sticker pack for completing them. If you complete enough challenges in a week, you can also get rare sticker packs.

7. Community chest

In the game, if you open a community chest with nine or more friends, you can get a chance to win more rare sticker packs.

You could also win stickers if you land on a friend in the Community Chest.

8. Complete color sets

Completion of color sets gives you free reward wheel spin, reward wheel spin is a great way to earn stickers. Also, when wheel boost is active, you get two spins on color set completion.

To complete color sets in Monopoly Go, one must build properties on their board. Each property bill adds a house to one’s board. Once a tile has five houses, it will become a hotel. If the entire color set has hotels, landing on it will result in a wheel spin.

9. Trade stickers with friends

If you have multiple copies of the same sticker, you can send or trade them with a friend to help them progress. Sticker exchange with friends helps to complete sticker sets.

10. Stickers for Rewards

Stickers for Rewards feature allows you to exchange duplicate Stickers for a reward. You can use this feature from “Reward for Extras” in the Album menu. This is a great way to get rid of gold sticker cards that are not tradable.

11. Special events

Check out for special events in Monopoly Go. Play them and progress in events with friends to earn different prizes including sticker packs.

12. Buy monopoly go stickers

The last way in the list to get stickers is to buy stickers from the Monopoly Go shop. Here, you can buy sticker packs using real money.

Please note that this option requires the use of real money. We do not recommend this option, as there are many free ways to obtain stickers in-game.

How to get gold stickers in monopoly go?

Monopoly Go Gold cards are the most uncommon stickers that can be obtained in the game. They are high-ranking sticker cards. Like other stickers, Golden Cards can be obtained from sticker packs.

You can get guaranteed one gold sticker in every gold sticker pack. In other sticker packs there is a very low probability to get a gold sticker.

There are high chances to win gold sticker cards in limited time special events and tournaments top 3 rank rewards. But, there is no guarantee to always get gold cards in such rewards.

However, Stickers for Rewards is a great way to get rid of duplicate gold sticker cards that are not tradable.

That’s it,

Hope this guide helps you learn all the different ways to get stickers in Monopoly Go!

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