Monopoly Go Bank Heist – Tips, Tricks and Guide

This guide is about the Bank Heist minigame in Monopoly Go. Guide includes, Bank Heist overview, how to play and helpful tips & tricks.

Bank Heist in Monopoly Go

In Monopoly Go, Bank Heist is a minigame, which can trigger when you land on one of the Railroad Tiles.

How to play Bank Heist in Monopoly Go?

  1. Land on the Railroad Tiles.
  2. Steal money from your opponent.
  3. Get more money with the multiplier.

In the Bank Heist minigame, you will find collection vault doors, which hide your opponent’s treasure.

Next, you need to tap on vault doors and once you find 3 same kinds of items, you will see how much money you’ve stolen.

There are three heists possible – small heist, large heist and grand reward heist. All heists have specific items, you get heist reward based on which heist items you match first.

Here, Dice Multipliers have an effect on Bank Heist rewards. You can get more money with the multiplier.

Bank Heist tips

There is no specific Monopoly Go Bank Heist pattern to follow. Here pattern means, sequence of open vault doors to always win grand heist rewards.

In most cases, tips and tricks do not work for a Bank Heist minigame. Because, the game is all about random vault doors selection and luck.

But, as a best practice, you can try to remember your previous Bank Heist patterns and use them as a reference to win a bigger heist.

That’s it,

This is all about Bank Heist in the Monopoly Go game. Hope you find the given guide and tips helpful.

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