Monopoly Go: Increase Net Worth, Net Worth Upgrades

This guide is about Monopoly Go Net Worth and Net Worth upgrades. How to increase Net Worth and what are Net Worth upgrades, are the explained topics in this guide.

How to increase Net Worth in Monopoly Go?

You can increase your Net Worth in Monopoly Go by purchasing new buildings or upgrading your existing buildings on the board. To purchase or upgrade buildings, you can use game money.

Also, once you have completely purchased and upgraded every building on the map, you will be able to progress to the next city.

To know more about buildings check out this post – Monopoly Go Buildings Guide.

What are Net Worth upgrades in Monopoly Go?

Upgrades are benefits which you get by increasing your Monopoly Go Net Worth. By continuing to increase your Net Worth, you get more upgrade benefits, which makes you more powerful in game.

Net Worth upgrades Upgrades can,

  • Increase the amount of Dice Rolls you replenish automatically.
  • Get more money from Shutdowns.
  • Expand your capacity for Shields
  • And, much more.

That’s all about Monopoly Go increasing Net Worth and Net Worth upgrades. Hope this guide is helpful to get more upgrades.

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