Monopoly Go Tips and Tricks (Best Strategies)

Monopoly Go offers an incredible board game experience, where you can roll dice, construct structures, steal, launch attacks, complete card sets, and much more.

By immersing yourself in the game, you have the opportunity to become a skilled tycoon player.

To enhance your gameplay, there are several best practices, tips, and tricks specifically designed for Monopoly Go.

These strategies will assist you in advancing swiftly, simplifying your gameplay, leveling up efficiently, and ultimately reaping rewarding outcomes.

For Monopoly Go, here are some best practices or you can say tips and tricks, which helps to progress fast, make gameplay easy, level up fast, and win rewards.

In short, Monopoly Go tips and tricks for enhancing your overall gaming experience.

Monopoly Go tips and tricks:

  1. Collect daily free gift from shop
  2. Collect dices from daily free dice links
  3. Collect free promotional packs
  4. Open game daily and collect daily treats
  5. Invite and play with friends
  6. Play events and tournaments
  7. Earn from rental properties and homes
  8. Use the Shields smartly

Let’s know about all tips and tricks in details,

1. Collect daily free gift from shop

In the in-game shop, you have the opportunity to obtain a gift box at no cost every 8 hours. This gift box is filled with various items such as rolls, sticker packs, event tokens, and other complimentary gifts.

To locate the free gift box within the shop, open the shop screen from main menu and slide the top package slider and open gift box.

2. Collect dices from daily free dice links

Monopoly Go game publish free dice links on game’s social media channels – Facebook page, Instagram status and Discord channel.

By opening these dice links, you can collect free dice rolls in game. Sometimes, the game also shares event token links. To know more about dice links check this post – Monopoly Go free dice links.

3. Collect free promotional packs

On the left side of the Monopoly Go game, you will come across various promotional offers. These offers are displayed vertically on the left side of the game screen.

Examples of these offers include Endless offer, Endless bargain, and more.

These promotions are updated every 1-2 days and consist of both free and paid offers.

It is advisable to regularly check for the free promotional packs and collect them whenever they are available.

4. Open game daily and collect daily treats

Monopoly Go offers daily rewards through its Daily Treats feature, which can be accessed by opening the game every day.

The rewards increase in size from the first to the seventh day, and players who collect all seven days’ rewards are eligible for grand rewards as well.

To take advantage of this feature, players can simply open the game each day, even if they don’t have time to play. By doing so, they can accumulate daily treats and potentially earn larger rewards over time.

5. Invite and play with friends

In game, you can invite your friends to join and play the game with you. Here, you also get free rolls when your friend joins the game for the first time using your invite link.

Playing the game with friends is helpful in different Monopoly Go events. You can win more prizes in an event with support of reliable friends.

6. Play events and tournaments

Participating in events and tournaments presents excellent chances to obtain incredible rewards.

During events, you have the opportunity to earn rewards by reaching specific milestones and achieving victory, while in tournaments, rewards are granted based on both milestones and your rank.

It is advisable to save your dice for events and tournaments as it allows you to accumulate a greater number of rewards in comparison to regular gameplay.

7. Earn from rental properties and homes

Rental properties and homes that are strategically placed on the board can provide a substantial portion of your income.

Each time you land on these properties, they will generate a considerable amount of money for you. The more properties you own, the higher your rental income and overall net worth will grow.

8. Use the Shields smartly

Your Landmarks will be safeguarded from attacks by other players through the automatic protection provided by Shields.

Throughout the game board, Shields are placed randomly on various Property Tiles. You can obtain a Shield by landing on one.

It is advisable to always have a stock of three shields before concluding your gameplay session, as a precautionary measure.

In conclusion,

List of tips and tricks for Monopoly Go is not complete yet, as our collection of advice and techniques for Monopoly Go is constantly evolving, as we strive to incorporate the latest strategies and best practices. 

Therefore, we encourage you to stay connected with us and continue to enhance your understanding of the game by both playing it and reading good game guides.

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