Monopoly Go Partners Event (Complete Guide)

This guide is all about the Monopoly Go partners event. You’ll learn about what the Partners event is, how to join, how it works, the event tokens, the rewards, and other related details.

Partners Event in Monopoly Go

In Monopoly Go, the Partners event is a social live event. In the event, you can make your friends partner to build things on your board and win event rewards.

Joining requirements

Anyone who reaches Board level 5 can join the Partners event.

When is the next Monopoly GO partners event?

Partner events are highly rewarding and can be not available regularly. It can be available on special occasions or on different festive seasons.

So, determining the next Monopoly GO partners event is hard and not 100% accurate.

But, based on the past event(Spooky Cars event) on Halloween, and upcoming Christmas festival, we can hope for the next event in December.

How does the Partners event work?

Following are quick things about Partners event, to know how it works:

  • During the event players find 4 slots on board to select partners.
  • To make progress in the event, upgrade your attractions.
  • By spinning the wheel you get points to progress.
  • Event tokens required to spin the wheel.
  • All partners contribute to the same progress bar.
  • You can send and receive invites from your friends to form partnerships.

Note: Remember that once a partnership is formed, it cannot be dissolved during the event.

Partner slice

When you land on the “Partner slice”, you earn contribution points for both you and your partner’s progress, and your selected partner receives event tokens same as you spent to spin.

How to get Partners event tokens?

Event tokens available on board tiles and collected by landing on those tiles.

Tokens can be also collected from different side event rewards and from reward links.

Partners event rewards

You will get rewards for each progress bar milestone completion. To get the grand prize, you need to complete all 4 attractions.

Event rewards are the same for you and your partner, except cash reward. Cash reward is based on your Net Worth and Board level.

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