Monopoly Go: Your Questions Answered

Find quick answers for frequently asked questions about the Monopoly Go game.

Monopoly Go FAQs

Is Monopoly Go free to play?

Yes, Monopoly Go is free to download and play.

However, it uses a freemium model, meaning you can purchase optional in-game items like dice, sticker packs, and promotional packs with real money. These purchases are completely optional and won’t hinder your ability to enjoy the core gameplay.

Does Monopoly Go allow you to earn real money?

No, Monopoly Go is not a way to earn real money.

The game uses virtual currency earned through gameplay and completing challenges. While this virtual currency can be used to build in-game items, it cannot be exchanged for real money.

Is Monopoly Go multiplayer?

Monopoly Go offers a limited form of multiplayer interaction.

You can add friends and engage in friendly competition by attacking their virtual properties (shutdown) and stealing their in-game cash (bank-heist).

However, it’s important to note that this is not a traditional turn-based multiplayer experience where you take turns rolling dice and moving around the board together.

Can you play Monopoly Go offline?

Monopoly Go requires an internet connection to play and does not have an offline mode. It means, to play the Monopoly Go game, you need Wi-Fi or mobile data (active internet connection).

Can I use an airplane mode “hack” to cheat in Monopoly Go?

The “airplane mode trick” does not work in Monopoly Go.

If you try to use this trick by turning off your internet or set airplane mode, it won’t let you manipulate dice rolls.

The game will know that you don’t have the internet and will show a message saying “No Internet.” You will need to turn your internet back on to play the game.

Using tricks like this can go against the rules of the game and might lead to your account being banned. It’s best to play the game fairly and use strategy.

How do I find my username and user ID?

Finding your username and user ID in Monopoly Go is simple.

Your username is displayed prominently below your profile picture in the main menu, accessible by tapping the three lines in the top right corner.

Your user ID, on the other hand, can be found in the Settings menu, located at the bottom of the screen.

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