Lost Game Progress in Monopoly Go! (Things to Know)

This guide discusses the loss of game progress in Monopoly Go when the app is uninstalled. It explains when game progress is saved and what to do if you lose your game progress.

When game progress is saved in Monopoly Go?

Game progress is saved when you connect to a Facebook or Apple account in game.

If you are not connected to a Facebook or Apple account, your game progress will not be saved and will be lost if you uninstall the app.

To prevent losing your game progress and play Monopoly Go with friends, it is good practice to connect to a Facebook or Apple account in game.

How to restore lost Game Progress in Monopoly Go?

As per the game support page, it is not possible to save game progress when you are playing as a guest.

If you have lost your progress while playing with a Facebook or Apple account, you can contact the Monopoly Go customer support team.

To open the Contact Us option in the Monopoly Go app, go to Menu → Settings → Customer Service.

Next, open “How Can I contact Customer Support?”. Here, you find all contact page details and the “Chat with us” button at bottom.

That’s all about the Monopoly Go game progress lost and contact support guide. Hope you find it helpful.

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