Best Bear Games 2024 (Bear Games List)

This list post is about bears games to know about best bear games available on mobile (Play Store, App Store), Nintendo Switch and other platforms.

In the market, there are many bear video games available on different platforms. But, here we try to list out some good games about bears in different genres.

If you are looking for some best bear games, then join us here to find some amazing games.

Best bear games

Let’s know more about listed all bear games,

Super Bear Adventure

Platforms: Play Store, App Store, (Nintendo Switch and Steam versions coming soon)

Super Bear Adventure is a great adventure 3D platformer game. In this game, you must free your bear friends and restore peace to the world after a mysterious being arrives and locks them in cages.

You will explore various open world levels, discover secrets, talk to the kingdom’s inhabitants, collect coins, unlock hats, fight enemies, and free your friends.

Rilakkuma Farm

Platforms: Play Store, App Store

In Rilakkuma Farm, you can grow crops, turn them into delicious foods, decorate your garden, and enjoy the good life with Rilakkuma and friends.

We Bare Bears

Platforms: Play Store, App Store

In this fun platform game, the bears chase Nom Nom after he kicks Grizz out of his limo. Help the bears avoid obstacles and teach Nom Nom a lesson.

A game where you play as a bear and explore different landscapes, collect power-ups, and find hidden objects.

Bear Bakery – Cooking Tycoon

Platforms: Play Store, App Store

Bear Bakery is an amazing game where you can create new bread, decorate a wellness room, know your customers’ preferences, open a pop-up store, and learn a special bread recipe from Mr.Bearbae.

Battle Bears Heroes

Platforms: Play Store, App Store

Battle Bears Heroes is a revamp of Battle Bears GO with new heroes, PvP modes, and a new take on Battle Bears – 1. It features epic 3v3 multiplayer modes, a campaign mode, and skins to unlock.

Bear’s Restaurant

Platforms: Google Play, App Store, Nintendo Switch

In Bear’s Restaurant, the player takes on the role of a small cat who has just been hired at the afterlife’s most comfortable restaurant.

As the lone waiter assisting the friendly bear who owns the joint, it’s your job to greet the newly deceased, take their orders, and deliver them each a final meal to help their souls rest in peace.

Bear and Breakfast

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Steam

Bear and Breakfast is a game about a bear who runs a bed and breakfast in the woods.

The game is laid-back and management-focused, and as the player, you will need to expand your business and uncover the mysteries of the forest.


Platforms: Nintendo Switch

In this game, you play as a bear who uses an axe to chop through forests, construction sites, and other locations. You can also recycle waste to upgrade your chopping capabilities.

Along the way, you’ll save animal friends and team up with them to take down an evil corporation.

Epic Dumpster Bear 2

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Epic Dumpster Bear 2 is an action-packed platformer with 8 worlds, 53 levels, and tight controls.

It features smooth 60fps gameplay, exciting boss battles, and speedrun medals and secret levels to unlock.

That’s all about the list of the best bear games. Hope you find it helpful to find your favorite bear game.