How to Add Friends on Monopoly Go? (3 Ways Explained)

This guide is about the Friends feature in the Monopoly Go game. There are 3 ways to add friends on Monopoly Go, which you will know in this guide.

The Monopoly Go Friends feature allows you to play with friends. You can play the game with friends by adding them to the game. Check out the following details to add friends and play the game with them.

How to add friends on Monopoly Go?

You can add friends on Monopoly Go by contacts list, Facebook connect and invite link. All trio options available in the FRIENDS tab (Friend & Family).

1. Friend invite link

The Invite link option allows you to send a game installation link to friends.

Next, your friends will automatically be added to your game’s friends list, after they install the game using your link and start playing the game.

This is the best option to add friends, who are already not playing the Monopoly Go game and you want to play with them. Here, you will also get free rolls rewards on new friends joining.

2. Facebook connect

In this option, the game asks for Facebook connect permission and automatically adds your Facebook friends to the game’s friend list, which are already playing Monopoly Go.

3. Contacts

Contacts option ask for your number and add friends that are playing Monopoly GO from your contact list.

Here, if you do not want to share your contact number in a game, then invite link and Facebook connect are more suitable options to add friends in game.

How to remove friends on Monopoly Go?

To remove a friend on Monopoly go,

  1. Open FRIENDS tab.
  2. Find a friend’s name in a friends list.
  3. Hold down a friend’s name for a few seconds.
  4. Tap the “Remove” button and confirm the removal.

That’s it,

Hope you find this Monopoly GO add and remove friends guide helpful.

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