Monopoly Go Buildings Guide (Landmarks, Houses, Hotels)

This guide is about Monopoly Go Landmarks, Houses and Hotels buildings. You will learn about game buildings and Shield protection.

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What are the Landmarks in Monopoly Go?

There are 5 unique landmark items in each Monopoly Go level board. To complete board level, you need to build each landmark and upgrade it to max level.

In game, other players can break your landmarks. In such a case, you have to fix broken landmarks and upgrade them to complete board level. Here, a landmark fix will not give you anything.

You can access board landmarks using the bottom menu Build button. Landmark upgrades cost you money and increase your Net Worth, it also grants you House, which can put on a random Property Tile.

How to build houses and hotels in Monopoly Go?

You get Houses on build or upgrading Landmarks. These Houses are placed at random Property Tiles on board.

Next, you can upgrade houses into a hotel by placing five houses on a single tile. And, to get bonus prize, place hotels on all of the properties of the same color set.

In game, property tiles which have houses or hotels give you more rent

How to protect Landmarks in Monopoly Go?

You can protect Landmarks from other players’ attacks, using Shield. In game, Shields protect your Landmarks from a Shutdown attacks.

Shields are consumed to protect your Landmarks. You can replenish your Shields by playing the game often. In game, Shields are found on randomly property tiles on game board.

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