Monopoly Go Roll Multipliers – Guide and Tips

This guide will explain everything you need to know about Monopoly Go roll multipliers. You will learn what the multiplier is, how to activate it, the maximum multiplier, whether or not you should use it, and when to use it.

Monopoly Go Roll Multipliers

1. Roll Multipliers

Roll Multipliers are works like bet in Monopoly Go. When the roll multiplier is active, the game will consume more Dice Rolls every time you hit the “GO!” button. And, you get rewards according to Roll Multiplier.

For example, suppose you play with x2 Roll multiplier, tap “GO!” button and won 10 rolls. In this case, the game uses your 2 dice rolls for “GO!” button tap and give 20 (10 x 2) reward rolls.

2. How to activate the roll multiplier in Monopoly Go?

To activate roll multipliers, tap the small circle button just above and to the right of the GO button. 

Here, you can change and increase the multiplier by tapping on the button until you reach the max amount allowed (The multiplier’s color will change).

3. Multiplier-affected Monopoly Go rewards

The multiplier will impact the rewards you get when you land on a certain tiles, they are:

  • Bank Heists and Megaheists
  • Chance card rewards
  • Community Chest Tile
  • Corner Tile
  • Pick up’s
  • Quick wins missions
  • Rent tiles
  • Shutdowns
  • Tournaments and Event progress bar

4. What is the Monopoly Go max multiplier?

In Monopoly Go, your multiplier can go higher based on how many Dice Rolls you have.

Here are some possible Monopoly Go multipliers according to rolls you have:

  1. Less than 50 rolls – Max multiplier x3
  2. 50 rolls – Max multiplier x5
  3. 100 rolls – Max multiplier x10
  4. 300 rolls – Max multiplier x20
  5. 1000 rolls – Max multiplier x50
  6. 2000 rolls – Max multiplier x100

Some users say that with 4000 rolls they also have a max x100 multiplier. It means, Monopoly Go max multiplier is x100.

5. Strategy tips to use Monopoly Go roll multipliers

In the game, using roll multipliers doesn’t guarantee rewards every time. Here are some tips which can help to use roll multipliers as the best way to earn more rewards.

  • Use a multiplier before crossing the GO tile to multiply your rewards.
  • Avoid use of roll multipliers in corner tile events. It’s harder to land on corner tiles.
  • Save dice to use roll multipliers in good Monopoly Go events.
  • It is advisable to avoid roll multipliers if your account has less rolls.
  • Choose a multiplier wisely, based on roll balance and situation.
  • Monopoly’s best multiplier varies based on game situations.

6. Is it better to use multipliers in Monopoly Go?

Yes, proper use of multipliers gives you more rewards, a chance to get higher ranking in tournaments or other mini events.

Can I always use multipliers when rolling?

Well, it depends on your task/goal and your dice rolls balance. If you have enough dice rolls, then you can always use multipliers to get more rewards.

But, if you have limited dice rolls or you want to land on a specific tile for the daily milestones like tasks, then you can avoid multipliers use.

7. Monopoly Go best multiplier

Monopoly’s best multiplier varies based on game situations. Choosing a multiplier based on the current game situation is a sound strategy for selecting the best multiplier.

In game, the best multiplier can be different for beginner users with less rolls balance and advanced users with more rolls. It can also vary based on game situation and result rewards.

That’s all there is to know about Monopoly Go roll multipliers. I hope this guide has been helpful in explaining what are multipliers and how to use them in the game.

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