Brutal Age Stronghold Upgrade Requirements

This guide is about Brutal Age Stronghold upgrade requirements. In game, Stronghold upgrade helps to unlock new buildings and increase the number of Clan Helps and march queues that a player can receive.

To produce more game resources, increase the number of Clan helps, and unlock new buildings you need to upgrade the Brutal Age: Horde Invasion Stronghold building.

Brutal Age stronghold upgrade requirements

The requirements for upgrading Brutal Age Stronghold are as follows, listed by level:

Stronghold LevelStronghold Requirement
22.1k Wood, 1.1k Meat, 2m:10s Time
33.8k Wood, 2k Meat, 4m:55s Time
46.8k Wood, 3.6k Meat, Outpost Portal Lv. 3, 1h Time
512.2k Wood, 6.4k Meat, Outpost Portal Lv. 4, 2h Time
624.5k Wood, 12.8k Meat, War Hut Lv. 5, Outpost Portal Lv. 5, 2h:53m:20s Time
749k Wood, 25.7k Meat, Healing Well Lv. 6, Outpost Portal Lv. 6
898k Wood, 51.3k Meat, Temple of Wisdom Lv. 7, Outpost Portal Lv. 7
9196k Wood, 102.7k Meat, 191.3k Stone, Warehouse Lv. 8, Outpost Portal Lv. 8, 20h:14m:14s Time
10294k Wood, 154k Meat, 286.9k Stone, Golden Tree Lv. 9, Outpost Portal Lv. 9, 36h:49m:53s Time
11440.9k Wood, 231k Meat, 430.4k Stone, 231k Ivory, Horn of Defense Lv. 10, Outpost Portal Lv. 10, 2d 04h:10m:17s Time
12661.4k Wood, 346.5k Meat, 645.6k Stone, 346.5k Ivory, Help Wagon Lv. 11, Outpost Portal Lv. 11, 2d 35m:02s Time
13992.1k Wood, 519.7k Meat, 968.4k Stone, 519.7k Ivory, Watchtower Lv. 12, Outpost Portal Lv. 12
141.5m Wood, 779.5k Meat, 1.5m Stone, 779.5k Ivory, War Camp Lv. 13, Outpost Portal Lv. 13
152.2m Wood, 1.2m Meat, 2.2m Stone, 1.2m Ivory, Healing Spring Lv. 14, Outpost Portal Lv. 14
162.9m Wood, 1.5m Meat, 2.8m Stone, 1.5m Ivory, War Hut Lv. 15, Outpost Portal Lv. 15
173.8м Wood, 2m Meat, 3.7м Stone, 2м Ivory, Healing Well Lv. 16, Outpost Portal Lv. 16, 7d 11h:25m? Time
184.9m Wood, 2.6m Meat, 4.8m Stone, 2.6m Ivory, Golden Tree Lv. 17, Outpost Portal Lv. 17
196.4m Wood, 3.3m Meat, 6.2m Stone, 3.3m Ivory, Warehouse Lv. 18, Outpost Portal Lv. 18
208.3m Wood, 4.3m Meat, 8.1m Stone, 4.3m Ivory, Horn of Defense Lv. 19, Outpost Portal Lv. 19
219.9m Wood, 5.2m Meat, 9.7m Stone, 5.2m Ivory, War Camp Lv. 20, Outpost Portal Lv. 20, 10d 10h Time
2211.9m Wood, 6.3m Meat, 11.7m Stone, 6.3m Ivory, Healing Spring Lv. 21, Outpost Portal Lv. 21
2314.3m Wood, 7.5m Meat, 14m Stone, 7.5m Ivory, Watch Tower Lv. 22, Outpost Portal Lv. 22
2417.2m Wood, 9m Meat, 16.8m Stone, 9m Ivory, Warehouse Lv. 23, Outpost Portal Lv. 23, 23d 9h:19m:35s Time
2520.6m Wood, 10.8m Meat, 20.1m Stone, 10.8m Ivory, Hall of War Lv. 24, Outpost Portal Lv. 24
2630.9m Wood, 16.2m Meat, 30.1m Stone, 16.2m Ivory, 1.2k Honor Flag, War Camp Lv. 25, Outpost Portal Lv. 25
2741.2m Wood, 21.6m Meat, 40.2m Stone, 21.6m Ivory, 2.5k Honor Flag, Healing Spring Lv. 26, Outpost Portal Lv. 26
2851.5m Wood, 27m Meat, 50.3m Stone, 27m Ivory, 5k Honor Flag, Watch Tower Lv. 27, Outpost Portal Lv. 27
2961.8m Wood, 32.4m Meat, 60.3m Stone, 32.4m Ivory, 10k Honor Flag, Warehouse Lv. 28, Outpost Portal Lv. 28
3082.4m Wood, 43.2m Meat, 80.5m Stone, 43.2m Ivory, 20k Honor Flag, Hall of War Lv. 29, Outpost Portal Lv. 29
Brutal Age stronghold upgrade requirements

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The requirements for upgrading your Brutal Age: Horde Invasion Stronghold are listed in the table above. Hope this guide has been helpful. Good luck with your Brutal Age journey.