Monopoly Go Shutdowns – How to Attack Friends on Monopoly Go

This guide explains what is a Shutdown in Monopoly Go and how to attack friends to take revenge in Monopoly Go.

Monopoly Go Shutdown

Shutdown is a mini game in Monopoly Go, which you can play when you land on one of the Railroad Tiles on board.

This Shutdown mini game allows you to visit another player’s Board and attack their Landmarks. You will earn money by attacking on board landmarks.

In Shutdown attack, other players can protect their landmarks using Shield, which blocks your attack.

Here, you get more rewards on successful attacks compared to blocked attacks. Also, dice multipliers make effect on your attack rewards

How to Attack Friends on Monopoly Go?

In Monopoly Go Shutdown, you get options for attack. First is an attack on a random player, second is an attack on a friend’s board and third is to take revenge.

To get attack options on Monopoly Go, you need to select the option displayed at the bottom of the screen before choosing a landmark to attack.

By using this attack option, you can take revenge by selecting the player that attacked you, or you can select a friend from the friends list.

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