Monopoly GO Quick Wins Guide

The guide provides information on what Monopoly GO Quick Wins are, how to access them, completing tasks, claiming rewards, and maximizing rewards.

What are Quick Wins?

Quick Wins are daily tasks in Monopoly GO that offer various rewards. Players can complete seven challenges each day, with the weekly challenge resetting every Monday.

Quick Wins Reset Timing

Quick Wins reset every day at midnight, according to the player’s time zone. The weekly challenge resets every Monday.

Accessing Quick Wins

To access Quick Wins, tap the “Wins” icon located on the bottom left corner of your screen. This will direct you to the Quick Wins page where you can view and complete tasks.

Completing Tasks

Players earn rewards for completing each task. Some tasks may also offer extra rewards for achieving milestones.

Final Reward

To be eligible for the final reward, players must fully fill the progress bar, indicated by a blue circle. The final reward can include the Purple Pack, Rolls, Monopoly Money, or even a WILD STICKER.

Claiming Rewards

Ensure you claim all rewards by checking the rewards tab. Sometimes, multiple rewards received at once might not show the animation.

Task Progression

Using a multiplier during rolls will impact task progression.

Maximizing Rewards

The Quick Wins event provides an excellent opportunity to boost rewards and progress in Monopoly GO. By completing all tasks, filling the progress bar, and claiming rewards promptly, you can increase your chances of winning big prizes.

Keep track of the timer at the bottom of the screen to know how much time is left for each challenge. Remember, “1 day left” indicates the last day of the challenge with 24 hours remaining.


In Monopoly GO, Quick Wins are daily tasks that reward players with different prizes. Players can access Quick Wins by tapping the “Wins” icon and completing the tasks. The tasks reset every day, and the weekly challenge resets on Mondays. To qualify for the final reward, players must fill the progress bar. Make sure to check the rewards tab to ensure you receive all of your rewards.

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