Monopoly Go Tycoon Club: Invite, Requirements, Benefits

In Monopoly Go, a prestigious moguls and investors club known as the Tycoon Club awaits players who have demonstrated exceptional skills and dedication to the game. This prestigious club offers a host of exclusive benefits and rewards, making it a coveted destination for Monopoly Go enthusiasts.

To gain entry into this tycoon club, players need to fulfill some possible requirements and undergo an invitation process. 

This guide will delve into the details of the Monopoly Go Tycoon Club, possible requirements to join the club, the invitation process, and the reward benefits that club members can get.

What is the Monopoly Go Tycoon club?

In Monopoly Go, the Mr. Monopoly’s Tycoon club is known as a prestigious moguls and investors club.

Currently the club has an invite only joining process. Club invitations received based on the game’s internal criteria.

This club’s invitation can be available for players, who are on higher levels, have pro game skills, investors or dedication to the game.

Members of the club get extra benefits including free rolls, events, promotional offers and more.

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How to get a Monopoly Go tycoon club invite?

For those who have not yet received an invitation to the Tycoon Club and are seeking to understand the specific requirements for membership, the following factors may be considered.

Monopoly Go tycoon club possible requirements

While definitive information regarding the invitation process for the Tycoon Club remains undisclosed, a careful examination of available data and online discussions suggests several factors that may enhance one’s chances of receiving an invitation.

These factors include:

  • Active in gameplay
  • Actively participating in game events or tournaments
  • Make progress in game
  • Upgrade your net worth (Raise position on leaderboard)
  • Stay positive and enjoy gameplay
  • In-app purchases
  • Pure luck

Tip: Club invite can be based on your game progress, gameplay or other internal factors and luck. So, it is good practice to enjoy the game and progress in the game, instead of thinking about club invites.

Monopoly Go Tycoon Club Invite
Monopoly Go Tycoon Club Invite

How much do you need to spend for a tycoon club invite?

In Monopoly Go tycoon club invite popup, you find text “… prestigious moguls and investors club! …”.

Here, it appears that players may be required to spend in-game to obtain an invitation to the club.

However, according to some feedback from various online players, it seems that invitations to the club are attainable either through nominal expenditures ranging from $10 to $20 or even without any cost at all.

So, spending on game in-app items can be one of the factors for club invite, but, active gameplay and high networth can help to get an invite without any cost (suggested).

How to join the Monopoly Go tycoon club?

To join the Tycoon Club in Monopoly Go game, players need to get in-game invite for “Go To Club”. There are no hacks to get club invites, It totally depends on game’s internal criteria.

After receiving an invitation to join the Mr. Monopoly Go Tycoon Club, follow these steps to become a member.

  1. Tap invitation to open.
  2. Tap “Go To Club!” button.
  3. Open club page in browser.
  4. Tap “Go!” button in welcome message.
  5. Collect all free rewards.
  6. Spin Tycoon’s Daily Wheel.
  7. Exit club page, return to game.

How to open Tycoon Club page?

Initially, access to the Tycoon Club page can be obtained through the club invitation. To access the Club page again, navigate to the game’s main menu and select the “TYCOON CLUB” option.

Monopoly Go tycoon club benefits

Following are list of some benefits which players get as a member of tycoon club:

  • Rewards combine: Players can acquire up to four combined rewards, each containing unique items like money boosts, extensive dice rolls, and lucrative cash missions.
  • Loyalty points: As a club member, players can leverage the Club’s loyalty points to advance through milestones, obtaining numerous dice rolls or investing in stickers to facilitate progress.
  • Stickers: Players can redeem their loyalty points to get the sticker packs.
  • Tycoon’s Daily Wheel: Win free rolls, sticker pack or money by spinning daily wheel in club page.

What are Loyalty Points?

In Tycoon Club, you can earn Loyalty Points that are like special credits. They are shown as diamonds. You can use these points to get sticker packs and other reward packs.

How to get Loyalty Points?

  • Free gifts: Look for Loyalty Points gifts offered within the Tycoon Club.
  • Buying packs: Get bonus Loyalty Points when you buy certain packs (web deals) in Tycoon’s shop. For example, a $4.99 pack might give you 275.

What can you buy with Loyalty Points?

  • Sticker Packs: You can use Loyalty Points to redeem Sticker Packs (5-Star Purple Pack for 4500 points).
  • Other Reward Packs: Loyalty Points unlock other reward packs too.

How Does Tycoon Pass Work in Tycoon Club?

Tycoon Pass is a progress bar that has different milestone rewards. To move forward in the progress bar, members need to spend their Loyalty Points on any benefits.

When members reach a certain milestone in the progress bar, they can unlock bundles with rewards.

The last milestone has a big reward, and there is a timer that counts down until the reward goes away. Members need to get the big reward before the timer runs out.

That’s all,

In conclusion, even though meeting the possible criteria increases the likelihood of receiving an invitation, it does not guarantee it. Luck also plays a significant role in determining who gets invited.

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