Geometry Dash Lite Levels (Difficulty, Stars)

This guide is about Geometry Dash Lite levels. Guide includes levels list with difficulty and star detail.

Before continuing to the Geometry Dash Lite levels list, let’s get an overview of the game and available levels.

Geometry Dash Lite

Geometry Dash Lite is a rhythm-based action platformer game, where you need to jump, fly and flip your way through dangerous passages and spiky obstacles. Game has has simple one touch game play. 

This game is the free ad supported lite version of Geometry Dash for iOS and Android. The Geometry Dash Lite version has 16 levels from the full version (Geometry Dash).

The user accounts feature within the app enables you to transfer your data from Geometry Dash Lite to the full version of Geometry Dash.

In order to transfer your saved progress from Geometry Dash Lite to the full version, log in to an account and save your progress to the cloud. Once this is done, simply log in to the full version and load your saved progress from the cloud.

Geometry Dash Lite levels list

The Lite version of Geometry Dash contains 16 levels from the full version. These all levels were released with different game updates.

Following are levels of Geometry Dash Lite game with level name, difficulty and star information:

  1. Stereo Madness (Difficulty: Easy, Stars: 1)
  2. Back On Track (Difficulty: Easy, Stars: 2)
  3. Polargeist (Difficulty: Normal, Stars: 3)
  4. Dry Out (Difficulty: Normal, Stars: 4)
  5. Base After Base (Difficulty: Hard, Stars: 5)
  6. Can’t Let Go (Difficulty: Hard, Stars: 6)
  7. Jumper (Difficulty: Harder, Stars: 7)
  8. Time Machine (Difficulty: Harder, Stars: 8)
  9. Cycles (Difficulty: Harder, Stars: 9)
  10. xStep (Difficulty: Insane, Stars: 10)
  11. Clutterfunk (Difficulty: Insane, Stars: 11)
  12. Theory of Everything (Difficulty: Insane, Stars: 12)
  13. Electroman Adventures (Difficulty: Insane, Stars: 10)
  14. Clubstep (Difficulty: Demon, Stars: 14)
  15. Electrodynamix (Difficulty: Insane, Stars: 12)
  16. Hexagon Force (Difficulty: Insane, Stars: 12)

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