How to Create Dice Links in Monopoly GO? (Things to Know)

There are two types of dice links for Monopoly GO, dice reward link and invite friends link. Dice reward link created and shared by game publisher and invite friend link created from game’s Friends → Add Friends → Invite option.

Now, some players’ question is that – Can I create dice links in Monopoly Go?

To get an answer, check out the following things about both links.

Monopoly GO free dice link:

Free dice links are a game reward page link with unique parameters, it redirects to the reward page and offers dice rewards in the game app.

These links are created by game publishers and shared on game’s social media channels. You can not create these links by yourself, but you can get them by following the game’s social media channels.

Monopoly GO invite friend link:

You can create and share an invite friends link in Monopoly Go app using the “Friends → Add Friends → Invite” option.

These links do not give any instant rewards, but when your friend clicks on it and joins the game for the first time using your link, you will get dice rewards.

That’s all about Monopoly GO dice links. Hope you find your answer from given information.

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