The Password Game: All 35 Rules and Solutions (Tips and Tricks)

This guide is about The Password Game (Password guessing game) all rules and solutions to fulfill these rules. Here, you will find possible solutions for the amazing browser puzzle game.

The Password Game all rules and solutions

In the game, you have to pass all 35 rules to find the correct Password. Following are all game rules and possible solutions.

Rule 1:

Your password must be at least 5 characters.

Solution: Enter 5 characters from a-z.

Example: aaaaa, abcde

Rule 2:

Your password must include a number.

Solution: Enter number from 0-9.

Example: 9 or 8

Rule 3:

Your password must include an uppercase letter.

Solution: Enter uppercase letter.

Example: A

Rule 4: 

Your password must include a special character.

Solution: Enter a special character (!, @, #, *, …, %).

Example: $

Rule 5:

The digits in your password must add up to 25. 

Solution: Sum of all digits in password needs to be up to 25. To fulfill rule 5, add more digits or change existing digits to make their sum up to 25.

Example: 997 or 9872

Rule 6:

Your password must include a month of the year.

Solution: Enter the full name of the current month.

Example: November

Rule 7:

Your password must include a roman numeral.

Solution: Enter any roman number. Tip: add I or V.

Example: I

Rule 8: 

Your password must include one of our sponsors (Pepsi, Starbucks or Shell)

Solution: Enter logo name from given logos.

Example: Shell

Rule 9:

The roman numerals in your password should multiply to 35.

Solution: Enter any factors of 35 in roman numerals (XXXV and I, VII and V).

Example: XXXV (If for rule 7 used I, then enter XXXV, otherwise VII for V) 

Rule 10:

Your password must include this CAPTCHA.

Solution: Enter randomly generated CAPTCHA.

Rule 11:

Your password must include today’s Wordle answer.

Solution: Enter today’s 5 character Wordle answer.

Example: Today’s Wordle answer

Rule 12:

Your password must include a two letter symbol from the periodic table.

Solution: Enter a two letter symbol from the periodic table.

Example: Li, Na, Be, Mg, Ca, Rb, etc.

Rule 13:

Your password must include the current phase of the moon as an emoji.

Solution: Check and enter emoji of the current phase of the moon.

Example: 🌑, 🌒, 🌓, 🌔, 🌕, 🌖, 🌗, 🌘

Rule 14:

Your password must include the name of this country.

Solution: Take a screenshot of the image given in the rule. Upload image in Google image search and find country name from result pages.

Rule 15:

Your password must include a leap year.

Solution: Any year that is evenly divisible by 4 is a leap year.

Example: 2024

Rule 16:

Your password must include the best move in algebraic chess notation.

Solution: Prepare the same chess board you see on The Password Game on Next Chess Move and click “Calculate Next Move” to find the best chess move.

Rule 17:

This is my chicken Paul. He hasn’t hatched yet, please put him in your password and keep him safe.

Solution: Paul is a chicken egg emoji that you need to paste in your password. Next, save Paul in Rule 20 and after the egg hatch in Rule 23, you need to keep Paul alive by satisfying rule 23.

Rule 20:

Oh no! Your password is on fire. Quick, put it out!

Solution: Delete all fire emoji (🔥) before it reaches Paul egg emoji. if it catches Paul, he dies instantly and you will need to start over.

Rule 23:

Paul has hatched! Please don’t forget to feed him, he eats three 🐛 every minute.

Solution: Paul will hatch in rule 23, now he needs a worm every 20 seconds or 3 worms every 50 seconds. Without food he will starve and burst by overfeed. So, paste worm emoji/s (   🐛  ) in password as per rule.

Rule 18:

The elements in your password must have atomic numbers that add up to 200.

Solution: The sum of the atomic numbers gold (79) and thulium (69) together (79 + 69 = 148) and (148 + 52 = 200), satisfying the given condition.

Example: Au and Tm

Rule 19:

All the vowels in your password must be bolded.

Solution: Bold the letters “a, e, i, o, u, and y” in password (“y” can act as both a vowel and a consonant).

Rule 21: 

Your password is not strong enough (man lifting weights).

Solution: Paste the emoji (man lifting weights) from the rule into your password 4 times to make your password stronger.

Example: 🏋🏋🏋🏋

Rule 22:

Your password must contain one of the following affirmations: I am loved, I am worthy, I am enough.

Solution: Enter one of the affirmations into your password from “i am loved”, “i am worthy”, “i am enough”.

Example: i am enough

Rule 24:

Your password must include the URL of a X minute and Y second long YouTube video.

Solution: Find and paste the URL of a YouTube video with a length which is randomly given in rule. There is no shortcut to fulfill rule 24.

How to find video: Open YouTube, search anything (e.g., ‘test’), then filter the result by “Duration” (Under 4 minutes, 4 – 20 minutes, Over 20 minutes) and try to find the required length video.

Rule 25:

A sacrifice must be made. Pick 2 letters that you will no longer be able to use.

Solution: Rule 25 shows you the keyboard and gives the choice to disable 2 letters for the rest of the game. For this, there is no accurate answer, because no one predicts which letters are not required in next rules.

Suggestion: J, Q, X, and Z can be rarely used and possible choices.

Rule 26:

Your password must contain twice as many italic characters as bold.

Solution: Make existing italic letters bold and add more bold consonant letters to satisfy rule 26.

Rule 27:

At least 30% of your password must be in the Wingdings font.

Solution: Convert 30% of your characters in Wingdings font (symbols instead of letters). For translation, you can use Wingdings Translator tool.

Example: “🕈︎✋︎☠︎☝︎👎︎✋︎☠︎☝︎💧︎” (WINGDINGS in text)

Rule 28:

Your password must include this color in hex.

Solution: Find and paste hex value of random color displayed in Rule 28. To find color hex value, take a screenshot of color and upload it to this image color picker tool.

Rule 29:

All roman numerals must be in Times New Roman.

Solution: Change all Roman numbers in Times New Roman using the in-game font changer, which is available below the text box.

Rule 30:

The font size of every digit must be equal to its square.

Solution: Multiply each number by itself and set it as that number’s font size.

Example: Font size of number 5 (5×5=25) will be 25.

Rule 31:

Every instance of the same letter must have a different font size.

Solution: Find all the same letters in password and set a unique font size.

Example: If the password contains two “a” and three “b”, then set the same unique font size for two “a” and another same unique font size for three “b”.

Rule 32:

Your password must include the length of your password.

Rule 33:

The length of your password must be a prime number.

Solution: It is good practice to solve Rule 32 and 33 together. For Rule 32 count existing password length and make length number prime by adding or removing character. After that enter the result password length number in password.

Prime numbers: 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, 37, 41, 43, 47, 53, 59, 61, 67, 71, 73, 79, 83, 89, 97

Rule 34:

Your password must include the current time.

Solution: Check and enter current time in HH:MM format.

Rule 35:

Re-type the password into another textbox, you have 2 minutes to do this. Good Luck.

Solution: Re-type your password into another textbox within the 2 minutes time limit.

That’s all about The Password Game’s rules and their solutions. Hope you find some helpful tips and tricks from given solutions.