Match Masters Pro Level Tips and Tricks

This guide is about pro level tips and tricks for Match Masters game users. Discover nine top gameplay practices that will help you achieve the best results in the game.

Pro level tips and tricks for Match Masters

Following are some best tips and tricks to play Match Masters game:

  • Boosters and perks combination
  • Extra moves
  • Combine specials
  • Board manipulation
  • Booster ready for next turn
  • Get rid of extra moves
  • Use extra moves smartly
  • Daily rewards
  • Learn more

Let’s check out all things in detail,

1. Boosters and perks combination

Choose the right boosters and perks combination for the right game modes.

All boosters and perks are strong in their own way. But, you can get optimal results by making the right booster and perks combination in different game modes.

For example, Billy boom booster, Mini cleo and Diffuse combination. Here, Billy boom throws out bombs, mini cleo can duplicate bombs and diffuse can easily set off her bombs.

So, as a good practice, you can check what each booster does and test them with different perks in different modes to find out best combinations.

2. Extra moves

Check all possible extra moves combinations on the board.

You can get extra moves in Match Master by different ways. They are: 

  • Match 4 items in vertical or horizontal row
  • Match items for 3×3 “T” or “L”
  • Match 4+ items in row for extra moves and specials

Trying for an extra move match is always good practice.

3. Combine specials

Combine specials for more effects and get more blues.

Combine different specials, even if they’re not the same color. Doing this triggers both specials’ effects and gathers any nearby blues to build up your booster.

This also applies to certain boosters such as Billy Boom’s bombs, Monkey Juju skulls, and Valentine Vinnie’s hearts.

4. Board manipulation

Plan B strategy: Take opponent Reds, mess up opponents opportunities.

When facing a strong opponent, they’ll aim to collect Reds to build up their booster. To make it challenging for them, consider taking their Reds (try it when you have nothing to do on board).

You can use strategy – set up your board or mess up opponents opportunities based on board and game situation.

5. Booster ready for next turn

Use your booster to build it right back up and keep activating it.

In Match Masters, it’s crucial in various game modes that boosters can snowball. This means you can use your booster to quickly build it up again and keep using it.

For example, if you use the UFO special edition on blue pieces, it clears all the blues and adds to your booster, allowing you to use it again. That’s why it’s important to keep your booster ready, so you don’t waste turns trying to get it back.

6. Get rid of extra moves

Get rid of extra moves before activating your booster.

In most game modes, it’s a good idea to clear any extra moves on the board before using your booster.

This can earn you more points, which might help you win or set up bigger moves on the board.

7. Use extra moves smartly

First use the extra moves that one above on board.

There are several extra moves on the board, make sure you use the one that won’t mess up the others first.

A good rule is to start with the one above since it usually won’t disrupt the rest of the board.

8. Daily rewards

Collect free rewards from in-game features and game’s social media channels.

Dailies, Social media page giveaways & contests, Game shop freebies, teams and albums are some of the ways to get free rewards in game. It’s a smart move to use these options for getting free in-game items.

9. Learn more

Learn more about the game.

The more you learn about the game’s boosters, perks, modes and all things, the more you perform. You can learn game things from Match Masters YouTube channel, Help center site and official Discord group.

At Last,

Here is a link for Match Master more tips and tricks, which was published previously on this site.

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