How to Get Free Stickers on Match Masters?

In this post, you will know about Match Masters Stickers. When sticker albums are unlocked, how you get free stickers and what you will be earn from sticker collection.

How to get Stickers in Match Masters?

Following are ways to get free stickers on the Match Masters game.

  • By playing tournaments or events.
  • Match Masters daily gifts links.
  • Trophy progression rewards.
  • Special sales.
  • Game social media page competition prizes.
  • From the game shop “Stickers” section, using game coins.
  • Spin the lucky spinner.
  • Join team.
  • Sticker trade.
  • Play game.

How Stickers work in Match Masters?

Stickers are collectible items in Match Masters. In game, you need to collect Stickers to complete sticker album pages. On completing the sticker page, you will get Boosters, Perks, rare outfits, and style packs in the game.

When Sticker album unlocked in Match Masters?

Sticker Albums feature unlocked in the Match Masters game, when you reach 200 trophies.

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